For a large part of Alex Semin‘s career in Washington, he was an international man of mystery. Semin would rarely conduct interviews with the media, and if he did, they were never in English. This was despite the fact that there were clear signs he knew the language. At times, I thought Semin’s english was secretly as expansive and perfect as Dave Chappelle’s impersonation of Lil’ Jon.

Since signing with Carolina as a free agent a few years ago, Semin’s relationship with the local media has been better.

Take Tripp Tracy’s two-part interview with Sasha Minor last year. Tracy grilled Semin about how great a Hurricanes jersey looks on him and how much his teammates actually love him. Hard-hitting stuff.

Tracy was granted another TV interview with Semin, and it has now hit the internet. It is just as gripping.

Below, learn how much Semin likes playing with the Staals, how awesome Pavel Bure is, and Mama Semin.

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After being called up five different times to the Washington Capitals this season, Russian defenseman Dmitry Orlov will finally play in an NHL game tonight during his sixth stint with the club. Earlier in the week, Orlov opened up about the constant yo-yoing between Washington and AHL Hershey, telling RMNB’s Igor Kleyner — in his native Russian — that the situation has been “difficult.” Orlov’s agent, Mark Gandler, was a bit more blunt, requesting that his client be traded and claiming that Orlov would never re-sign with the team. Fun stuff!

Instead of seeing Dima in another jersey, however, fans will get another chance to look at the 2009 second round pick play in Capitals colors tonight against the New York Islanders. After weeks of poor play, Alexander Urbom will be scratched and watch from the press box.

Suffice to say, Orlov was excited about his opportunity. After the morning skate, Dima did his first ever English interview in front of cameras.

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Happy Sasha. (Photo credit: @megab23)

Ahead of tonight’s reunion game against the Caps, Alex Semin sat down with Carolina Hurricanes color guy Tripp Tracy for a two-part English interview. It’s totally awkward.

For those worrying Tripp would nail Semin with incisive, hard-hitting questions like “Are your shoes comfortable?“, you may now relax. Instead, Tracy tossed up softballs like “What do you think of your teammates?” and “Do you enjoy Carolina?”

Hey, you guys don’t think there was any collusion between Tracy and Carolina PR following Troy Brouwer’s unkind words, do you? Naw! Tracy probably came up with “your teammates are clearly the most important relationship to you” all on his own.

With immense thanks to welshhockeyfan and Tom Kaz, videos and transcript are below.

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