Video: Alex Semin Grilled in Interview with CSN

As the Alex Semin Promotional Tour™ continues, Comcast SportsNet aired its interview with Sasha Minor tonight and Jill Sorenson left no stone unturned in the gripping, Peabody-caliber exposé. “Are [your shoes] comfortable?” she asked. “Are you okay?” was another. And our favorite: “You gonna smile?” George McPhee even gave his two cents: “He cares.”

By now, many of you have seen Mike Vogel’s brief English language interview with Alex Semin, which the Capitals released earlier this evening. For those of you who haven’t, here’s the video.

Semin, who avoids speaking to the press and conducts his rare interviews in Russian, responded to Matt Bradley’s comments over the summer: “I don’t worry about it. Different people have different opinions.” He also talked about being the longest-tenured Capital: “I’m getting old. I’d like to stay here 10 more years. I like to play here.”  And he even showed admiration for DC: “Washington’s my second home. We have good fans.” Awesome.

We here at RMNB are sticklers for the truth though. When the Caps promoted the interview, they said it was his first-ever English interview. Not so fast, guys!

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