Auston Matthews - John Buccigross

First overall draft pick Auston Matthews (Photo via John Buccigross)

I don’t actually know who John Buccigross is. I know he does hockey coverage for ESPN, which sounds like a silly thing, but your boy Rob Vollman does it and he’s great. Maybe Bucci is great too, that’s what I thought when I clicked on today’s article about Maple Leafs prize prospect Auston Matthews.


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Photo: @ESPN_NHL

The reason why is pretty great.

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Photo via @kinseyjanke

There are a billion jokes around this topic (e.g. what will happen when San Jose and Carolina play next season?), but this is the best. Anytime you can stick it to ESPN (the network, not the Internet dweebs), the world becomes a brighter place.

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10/30 Update: The video’s no longer available. At least we have a screenshot.

We give ESPN a hard time for its chronically bad hockey coverage, so we’ve gotta give them a pat on the butt when they do it right. That’s how you curb bad behavior, right? Michal Neuvirth’s stone-cold robbery of Eric Staal from last night’s Caps/ Canes game is SportsCenter’s top play of the day. And no names were flubbed. Laudable.

Uno Seis Still In Our Face

Eric Fehr is re-signed by the Caps to a two year deal.

Who needs ESPN? The signing of right wing Eric Fehr to a two-year contract, reported to be worth $2.2 million per year, was brought to us the old-fashioned way: via Twitter, from Uno Seis himself while he summers at his cabin in Winkler, Manitoba. Take that Greenwich!

We know what you’re thinking: Do a joint “Two More Years” celebratory party at Front Page on July 31st! We would, but sadly Fehr intends to spend the rest of the summer in Manitoba before returning to D.C.

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Caps Second in ESPN Power Rankings

If you ever needed another reason to hate ESPN (beyond Barry Melrose’s Hair, Holding Gary Thorne hostage, or introducing us to Steven A. Smith), earlier today they came out with their new NHL Power Rankings. Where did Washington rank? First. Second.

Yes, ESPN ignored a ten game winning streak, where the Capitals plowed through the Flyers, Red Wings and Penguins like they were soft snow. Hell, ESPN even ignored their video-game-on-easy goal totals where the Capitals finished the month with 70 goals in 15 January games – 13 of those games were victories, 4 of the Free Wings Variety. Washington Post Columnist Tracee Hamilton even wrote about the team in this morning’s paper!

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