NBCSN continues to employ Pierre McGuire for reasons I don’t understand and Pierre McGuire continues to say things that are dumb. During the second period, Alex Ovechkin had the Caps’ best scoring chance up to that point after he carried the puck up two-thirds of the ice, shed a Flyers defenseman like a boss, and beat Steve Mason cleanly. It would have been a goal except the post had a different idea.

Pierre McGuire had analysis and it was weird.

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A Timeline of Alex Ovechkin’s Summer

A photo essay.

The Capitals booting from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in early May once again got the summer off to a premature start for the boys in red and their fearless leader. After all, peak season hadn’t even begun on the Vineyard and the lakes remained chilly in the White Mountains. But we RMNB chose not to focus on these grave hardships. No, instead we’re going to fire up the Google Machine and take a look back at Ovi’s summer, which spanned a mere 121 days. Alexander embarked on many adventures including a little shirtless soccer (and what summer is complete without that), a scandal involving his midsection that had “gate” on the end for some ridiculous reason, and commercials for Canadian candy bars, which are like regular candy bars except Canadian.

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