Photo: Rob Carr

Hockey players and their flow go together like oil and vinegar — great until the mixture separates, which is almost exactly what Tom Wilson‘s hair did from his scalp on Tuesday night.

In a brutal fight against the Los Angeles Kings’ Luke Schenn, Willy Baby made sure to get the last punch in while the fans wondered if they had, in fact, seen Tom Wilson’s hair come to life and try to escape his head.

Let’s enhance.

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Mike Green’s Hair on Breakdown Day (Photo)


Photo via @raedanda

If you’re looking for a symbol that articulates the Washington Capitals 2012-13 season, look no further than Mike Green‘s hair on breakdown day. Green, looking as if he just rolled out of bed, sported a massive mohawk, every hair follicle seemingly unsure which direction it wanted to point towards. The mohawk then flowed tidily into a well-kempt beard.

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How Alex Ovechkin Got That Crazy Hair Against Tampa


You know you love it. (Photo credit: @HockeyBroph)

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled Ovi’s Bad Hair Day, Holtby’s Bad Poke Check, and Ten More Weird Photos From Caps/Lightning. The headline photo of that article was just a screen capture of Alex Ovechkin chilling on the Capitals bench with his hair looking all whackadoo as if he had just jammed his fingers into an outlet.

Thanks to some brilliant GIF magic from ovechkins on tumblr, we now know how Ovi actually got that crazy hair.

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