Caps Babies Unite to Support Their Fathers (Photo)


Photo: @loshie17

This photo should win an award. The Caps wives and girlfriends gathered their babies and toddlers together to watch Game Six. The kids – Stella Alzner, Lyla Oshie, Lucca Carlson, Haley Backstrom, and a few others – were dressed in Caps attire and sat on the couch. I’m pretty sure this is the sole reason why the Caps won.

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In episode one of The Road To The Winter Classic, Tom Wilson and Michael Latta revealed that they are protective of their on-ice dad, Nicklas Backstrom. In episode two, Backstrom showed a rare glimpse of his life away from the rink, where he is actually a dad. The segments featured Backstrom’s daughter, Haley.

After returning home from New Jersey, Backstrom and girlfriend Liza took their one-year-old daughter to the park. “We were just on a road trip for six days,” Backstrom said. “You’re kind of like, ‘I wonder if she recognize me now?'”

The Swedish dad pushed Haley on a swing and rode down the slide with her. It’s adorable.

“It’s one thing to have a good group of guys on a team,” Backstrom said. “We’re all family, but it’s awesome to come home from games and enjoy her.”

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Screenshot via Christoffer S.

Britt Bäckström, the 84-year-old grandmother of Nicklas Backstrom, gave a video interview earlier in the week to the small-town newspaper Östersundsposten later picked up by Aftonbladet. Her comments about her grandson are curious. “He’s gonna make a fool of himself [in Sochi],” Grandma Backstrom said, as translated by reader Magnus. “He’s been playing so bad. For a long time.”


Here’s one newsworthy thing (according to RMNB’s somewhat loose definition) that happened in the interview: Grandma Britt shared this baby photo of Nicklas Backstrom’s daughter, Haley.

Britt says of Haley, “She looks so much like Nicklas when he was born.”

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