While Alex Ovechkin did not have his strongest showing in the Breakaway Challenge, he was awesome in the Hardest Shot competition. Ovechkin posted his fastest attempt ever, 101.4 MPH, which he accomplished twice.

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On a normal day, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin can shoot a puck at 100 terrifying miles per hour towards the net. Caps Con was apparently not a normal day.

Participating in the 2013 Caps Convention, Ovechkin, despite his status as a world-famous athlete, stayed  down to earth, playing street hockey with kids (more on that later) and displaying his skills on the hardest shot machine.

“When he came up, there was a lady about to shoot,” Caps intern Q’marth Ghaemi excitedly told me in an interview. “She turned around right before she was about to hit the puck, sees Ovechkin, and just totally freaked out.”

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