Comedian John Hodgman received a very interesting piece of vintage hockey memorabilia for Christmas: A cookbook assembled by the wives of the 1990-91 Hartford Whalers.

Sorry loved ones. @markmcconville just trumped y’all in 2015 with this present I just opened. AND HE HELPED KIDS TO BOOT. Welcome home and happy new year to you all.

Between 1979 and 1997, the team now known to us as the Carolina Hurricanes Brass Bonanza’d it up in the Nutmeg State (and taught us all how bad a head coach Pierre McGuire could be). This cookbook is a cozy look at the team and their families, but it’s also a hockey nostalgia bomb, a warp tunnel to the NHL of old, full of mustaches and tips for juicing lemons.

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Michael Nylander’s $4 Million Can Buy You…

  • 10 Major League Baseball players making the league minimum.
  • 66,796 copies of EA Sport’s NHL 2010 video game for XBox.
  • 666,666 copies of an autographed 8×10 photo of Nylander in a Hartford Whalers uniform (currently retailing for $6 on eBay).
  • 133,333 tickets to the Eagle Bank Bowl in Washington featuring UCLA vs. Temple (cheapest ticket is retailing for $30 on Stubhub.com).
  • 100 print sports reporters to cover the Washington Capitals (assuming the writers are making $40,000, a real stretch)