I feel like maybe we’re intruding on Liam O’Brien here. One minute after fighting Deryk Engelland in a brutal bout, O’Brien, he of tongue-wagging John Scott fame, smiled, licked his fingers, and adjusted his mustache in the penalty box. He seemed none the worse for wear, despite a fresh welt on his cheek.

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Defending Mike Green’s Fight Against Ilya Kovalchuk

Pat Sajak Looks on as Ilya Kovalchuk and Mike Green Fight

An unimpressed Pat Sajak looks on as Ilya Kovlachuk & Mike Green fight. (Photo credit: Heather Mabb)

Now look, last night we took a few shots (a har har) at Mike Green for fighting Ilya Kovalchuk. See here, here, and here. But really it was all in good fun, and we were reacting to something we saw after one take.

Today, after video of the fight made its way to the masses, it seems as if other people jumped at a chance to make it personal with Green Life. Let’s take a look at the comments on shall we?

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