Recently, Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov was interviewed by the Russian show “Hockey of Russia”, taking part in their video column “Without a Helmet.” Basically, the premise of the segment is that a helmet full of printed out questions are sent in by the viewers. The helmet is then handed to an unsuspecting player who must pick questions out and answer them one by one. Some questions require serious responses while others are more playful.

The Russian commentator on the program introduces Kuznetsov as “the most popular young player in Russia, maybe even in the world.” He goes on to say that the 18-year old is so fondly recieved in his home country because of his openness with the press and his witty retorts. Let’s file this video as circumstantial evidence.

After the jump, we have included a full transcript of the interview including context to some of the questions and defintions of a few of the Russian words. For example, we don’t expect any of you to know what “ZAGS” is. Enjoy!

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