Two seasons ago after Alex Ovechkin scored his 50th goal of the year against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Russian Machine celebrated by doing the “Hot Stick.” This led to a week’s worth of controversy, a Coach’s Corner by Don Cherry telling the GR8 to “get some class” & Ovechkin responding to the criticism by calling Cherry an “old guy” and proceeding to mock him by doing the robot in an ESPN interview with Rachel Nichols.

Well, if Ovechkin doing the robot wasn’t funny enough, YouTube user ElevateYourLevel did us the favor of creating the greatest Music Video of all time from the footage. He brilliantly combined Ovechkin’s greatest goals with an autotuned Rachel Nichols and an electronica beat made out of the Ovechkin phrase “don’t celebration when you score goal.” Which leads me to believe, bad grammar + house beat = win everytime. ElevateYourLevel, consider my level elevated. Everyone else, please enjoy.

Stick tap to Lindsay Novak for pointing out the video to me.

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