Steven Stamkos: Free Agent Profile


Brian MacLellan has said the Caps intend to upgrade their third line this offseason. This is part of our series looking at free agents who the Caps may target.

We expect the so-called ‘window’ for a Caps championship to end after next season. While Brian MacLellan hopes to improve his third line this summer, one likely free agent out of Tampa could provide some help to Washington’s offense in their final push. His name is Steve Stamkos.

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Alex Ovechkin Needs to Learn to Live with 483 Goals

Alex Ovechkin has not scored a goal in the last four games. Sure, he’s put a puck in the net twice in that span [one, two], but neither counted. For twelve days he’s been stuck at 483 career goals, tied with Sergei Fedorov for the most scored by a Russian.

Since November 7, Ovechkin has stubbornly tried to score number 484. Instead of trying, he should just accept his fate as a 483-goal scorer. Forever.

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How to Be a Female Hockey Fan: The RMNB Guide


The internet, as we all know, is a meritocracy. Especially in the hockey corner of the internet, who you are doesn’t matter so long as you bring high-quality, incisive commentary.

That’s why I– as a straight, white man– was so surprised and so disappointed to learn that some women were not being treated well online.

While some might assume that this abuse is a predictable symptom of the internalized misogyny endemic to sports and the abject failure of society to educate its young men on how to treat women as if they are human beings with rights and dignity equal to their own, I think that’s letting the women off the hook.

Let me explain.




The only reason the boys are being mean to you is that you’re not being a good hockey fan. If you’d only learn and practice the basics of hockey fandom, you’d find that how you get treated has nothing to do with your being a woman or not.

I’ve prepared a list of very simple rules that, if you follow them, you’ll definitely be welcomed as another one of the guys.

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The End of the Conversation

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.07.59 PM

The hirings of Kyle Dubas as assistant GM in Toronto and Tyler Dellow as analytics expert in Edmonton have sent hockey’s good ol’ boys network into a panic. The contingent of hockey pundits who tout “intangibles” have long suspected and feared a reckoning at the hands of the spreadsheets. Now that it has finally happened, they effetely plead that the new era of analysis would not begin and end with Corsi:

These people miss the point. Advanced statistics aren’t just one piece in a bigger conversation. Advanced statistics are the end of the conversation.

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