Inova Blood Donor Services holds blood drives at Kettler Capitals Iceplex every few months. Their next event is scheduled for Saturday, August 6 from 7AM to 5PM. This time around they will be giving away Dmitry Orlov bobbleheads and a Capitals t-shirt to anyone who donates blood.

For those who interested, you can sign up for an appointment here. Not only will you help save a life, but you’ll also go home with a collectible of the Caps’ best Russian defenseman.

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Photo: @tcmorrison

RMNB’s been busy working on a special project, so we missed the Inova Blood Drive at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Every few months, Inova holds a blood drive at the Caps practice rink and gives away bobbleheads and shirseys of certain Caps players. This past Saturday it was Joel Ward.

Unfortunately, the Wardo bobble heads got stuck in customs, but donators wound up getting a more special gift: meeting The Big Cheese himself. Ward signed autographs, took photos, and complimented people on their t-shirts.

And, of course, he donated blood.

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Photos via @CapitalsPR

In a month and a half, we’ll officially be in the hockey dead zone. There’ll be a new Stanley Cup Champion (either Jeff Schultz or Henrik Lundqvist). The draft will be over, as will development camp. Most free agents will have found their new teams.

But right smack dab in the middle of the most boring part of the year, Inova Blood Services will be hosting a blood drive at Kettler Capitals Iceplex on Saturday, July 26th from 7am to 5pm. For those who schedule an appointment and donate blood (do it here), you’ll receive a bobblehead and a Capitals t-shirt.

This is no ordinary bobblehead. This is The Big Cheese himself, Joel Ward. And it may very well be the most impeccably made ceramic figurine I have ever seen (please forgive me, Joel Rechlicz Bobblefist).

Just take a look at these pics.

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Olie Kolzig bobblehead

Photo credit: Inova Blood Donor Services Facebook page

On March 23rd, Inova Blood Donor Services is holding another blood drive at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. If you’ve never considered donating blood before, this might be the perfect time to do it. Why? Because the giveaway is awesome. Anyone who donates blood will receive an Olie Kolzig bobblehead. And I’m talking a realistic Kolzig bobblehead, not this weird, green-faced alien one I got 15 years ago which scares little children.

So let’s recap. Sign up today, save a life, and get some awesome Caps memorabilia for free in the process. Good deal.

John Carlson Signs Autographs at Blood Drive

All people who donated blood, got a Carlson Jersey T-Shirt and this AWESOME bobblehead. (Photo by Suzanne Kang)

All people who donated blood, got a Carlson Jersey T-Shirt and this AWESOME bobblehead. (Photo by Suzanne Kang)

Friend of the Blog, Suzanne Kang is a big Caps Fan. She also lives in Virginia. With these two requirements satiated, she’s fit to guest-write for our blog. Today, the Washington Captials hosted a blood drive for Inova Blood Donor Services in Sterling, VA. Here’s a recap of her day.

I’ve donated blood a time or two, both on my own and through blood drives. So suffice to say, I was expecting the usual: go in to a room full of stations, get stuck by a needle, watch Ian cry, get my blood drained, get a cool colored bandage and sticker, drink juice and eat cookies and go home. While the process of the actual blood donation was pretty much the same, there was one big difference.

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