Alex Ovechkin Juggles the Puck Again (Video)

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has unrivaled puck skills. So much so that juggling the puck has become easy for him. In years past, Ovechkin would pull the move off only in All-Star Game breakaway challenges. Now he’s using the move in games and has even scored with it.

Saturday, Ovechkin juggled the puck again, this time after his and Patrice Bergeron’s sticks knocked the puck air-borne in the neutral zone.

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Though we often take shots at NBC coverage of Caps games, it’s playful ribbing of a shared suffering that all hockey fans endure sometimes. We are fully aware that there are worse fates, like being stuck watching on NESN with Jack Edwards commenting.

While Bruins fans seem to like him well enough, that’s not as much the case among fans of other teams, or those who value commentating that reflects what is actually happening on the ice. Case in point: Edwards’ radio appearance with WEEI after Game 3, wherein he describes a game and a series clearly occupying a reality separate from our own.

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