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The Southeast Division Farewell Tour kicked off with a battle between the Washington Capitals and Winnipeg Jets. The Capitals managed to continue their strong five-on-five play from Tuesday and convert it into two early goals. Big Buff and the Jets tried to mount a comeback, but the Caps stuck two more daggers in ’em instead. And oh yeah: Braden Holtby had his fourth perfect game this year.

Caps beat Thrashers 4-0.

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Photo credit: Jonathan Kozub

Steve Oleksy isn’t the most talented hockey player on the Washington Capitals, but he may very well be the smartest. That’s why he earned a three-year deal from George McPhee. The Management major from Lake Superior State University always seems to make the right play on the ice. And he’s pretty tough.

After nailing six-foot three-inch James Wright high with a hit, the Jets forward threw a few punches at Oleksy, but Binky kept his composure. Instead of retaliating and potentially taking a minor penalty with a 2-0 lead, Oleksy waited for the Capitals to regain possession of the puck to take care of his business.

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