This will not end well for Hejda.

The Washington Capitals lost to the Colorado Avalanche 4-1 on Sunday. That was a bummer. We hardly wrote anything that night.

Fedor and I talked about it a few days later, and my main man from Moscow shot me this link to Yahoo. “Did you see this Alex Ovechkin hit? CSN cut away as it happened, but the replays from the Avs feed are crazy.”

I was skeptical. “C’mon, Fedor,” I replied. “It couldn’t have been that crazy. We would have heard about it.”

Then I watched the video and HOLY. WOW.

As Avs defenseman Jan Hejda reversed behind the net, The Great Eight came at him like a heat-seeking missile. Ovi crushed him into the boards. Hejda’s skate blades lost contact with the ice and he flew into the air. It was a video game hit, a hockey decleater.

The cameraman in the corner caught the whole thing.

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