For six years, Jay Beagle had the same flip phone. For Beags, it represented the core of his personality: simple, concise, and rugged. Beagle is not like Alex Ovechkin. He does not need to wear two pairs of competing pants or a Mercedes that has an illegal tint and no front plates. Instead, Beagle turns up to Kettler in a Chevy pickup. He wears camo hunting shirts. He wins faceoffs. Sometimes, usually accidentally, he scores a goal.

But in October, Beagle gave up on part of that life. “Flipper,” as his flip phone was known, died. In its, place, he got an iPhone. For years, Beagle looked down upon a hyper-connected life. But these days, he’s a father. On the road for much of the year, Beagle wanted to be able to watch his son, who was born last summer, grow up through pictures and videos taken by his wife and videochat with them using FaceTime. So he got an iPhone. He doesn’t know which model.

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Swedish bruisers. (Photo credit: Len Redkoles)

Over the past season, we’ve seen Marcus Johansson go from a talented set-up man into the Caps third leading goal scorer. Andre Burakovsky has gone from an 19-year-old babyfaced rookie into, for a while, the team’s top-line right wing. In the past two weeks, those two have added more facets to their game. In the 2015 playoffs, Johansson and Burakovsky have become physical forces on the ice. But instead of going for needless checks that only put them out of position as so many players do, Marcus and Andre pick their spots, using their bodies to bump opponents off the puck or maintain possession.

“You never want to approach a game looking for hits,” Brooks Orpik, who was third in the league in that stat during the regular season, told me Wednesday. “If you do that you’re gonna be out of position.”

“We can’t try to be a skill team all the time,” he added. “If you are a big team, you have to use that to your advantage.”

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Andre Burakovsky has a lot of nicknames. Some players, like new roommate Michael Latta, call him Burkie. Others, such as us, call him the Burracuda. Apparently we’re not alone.

During a post-game interview with Pierre McGuire, Jay “The Regal” Beagle gave a shout-out to the “Burracuda” for his great pass.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first beagle.jpg of the 2014-15 NHL playoffs. The Caps grinder scored after some fantastic forechecking by Troy Brouwer and Andre Burakovsky.

After Beagle takes a beautiful backhanded pass from the Burracuda, he fires a shot from the slot. Lundqvist stops it, but the rabid Beagle stays dogged on the puck and fetches his own rebound. Then he shoots from behind the net and like magic– it goes in!

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Photo credit: Frank Franklin II

At 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, Jay Beagle won the opening faceoff of game two of Metropolitan Division Final against the New York Rangers. Instead of controlling the puck, however, the Capitals allowed the Rangers to set up for a rush out their defensive zone. As the Rangers took the puck up the ice, Washington’s top forward and defensive lines jumped on the ice. Brooks Orpik didn’t do so fast enough. Jesper Fast fed the puck to Chris Kreider in front. Thirty-eight seconds into the game, Washington was down one-nil. By the end of the first period, New York had a two-goal lead. The Caps had been outshot 15-4, completely outmatched for the first 20 minutes of play.

“I think we had a great start,” defenseman Marc Staal told reporters at the team hotel on Sunday.

But instead of sitting on their lead as they did in game two, the Rangers only plan to press more on Monday.

“It’s one thing to stay patient,” Staal said. “I think it’s another thing to stay aggressive.”

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Breaking Down the Rangers’ Third Goal in Game Two


With 14 minutes left in game two, the Rangers’ Derick Brassard found himself all alone in front of Braden Holtby. With Matt Niskanen and Jay Beagle in the rear view, Brassard scored what turned out to be the game-winning goal.

Here’s a view of Brassard all alone, just before the goal. Niskanen (blue arrow) and Beagle (black arrow), look like they’ve completely blown their assignments on this goal, meanwhile John Carlson (red arrow) is hanging out up by the blue line.


(Note the color assignment of the arrows, they’ll be used throughout.)

But, if the entire sequence leading up to this play is taken into account, it becomes hard to find any fault with Niskanen on this goal.

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The hockey gods just gave the Capitals the biggest gift ever and they could not convert. As John Carlson dumped the puck into the corner, instead of going behind the net, the puck richoeted right into the left circle where Jay Beagle was standing. Beagle put the puck on his forehand and pumped a shot on net, but Halak somehow made the save.

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A game after earning his first career double-digit goal season, Jay Beagle has suffered an upper body injury. In the second period against the Rangers, Beags took a rough run from Dan Girardi in the neutral zone.

As Beagle reached for the puck, a charging Girardi hit Beagle in the left shoulder. The hit followed through to Beagle’s head. The Caps forward spun in the air and landed hard on the ice.

Beagle went to the locker room, but came back for two more shifts late in the second period. He did not return for the third.

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Here’s Every Top-Line Beagle Goal, For and Against

Jay Beagle, Mike Green, Alex Ovechkin

Photo: Alex Brandon

Jay Beagle is having a career-best season. With 10 goals and counting, he’s got more offensive flair than ever before. That offense has come with criticism– not for Beagle himself, who is a talented and beloved bottom-sixer, but for the coach(es) who deployed him on the top line with Alex Ovechkin.

We, among others, criticized Adam Oates for playing Beagle and Ovechkin together in 2013-14. In 42 minutes together last season, Beagle and Ovechkin and were outscored 8 to 1 and outshot 94 to 58. This season, inexplicably, Barry Trotz has used Beagle and Ovechkin together even more (112 minutes and counting), though he’s seen much better results.

In 2014-15, Beagle and Ovechkin get outshot by merely 15 shot attempts every 60 minutes, which is only as bad as, say, John Scott.

Hockey, I’ve been told, is about results. So here’s every top-line Beagle goal I could find from this season.

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So happy he’ll cut you. (Photo: @WashCaps)

Jay Beagle was absolutely dominant tonight, helping the Caps outshoot the Sabres 18 to 4 while he was on the ice during 5v5. The handsome pup even scored a goal while skating in the top six, after Troy Brouwer flubbed his initial shot attempt.

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