Attack dog. (Photo credit: Christian Petersen)

The Barry Trotz era has been a time of tumult for Jay Beagle. In October, he let his beloved Flipper go, a love that had burned bright for six years. Once the season got going, he found his role with the Caps growing. Beagle is skating an average of almost 13 minutes a night this year, a big jump from previous seasons. In fact, Beagle has spent time on the first line skating alongside Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom. Beags’s has been back there again lately, filling in during Tom Wilson’s recent mid-game benchings.

“Trotz puts a lot of faith in me and puts me in big situations,” Beagle said. “I’m grateful for it. I don’t want to let him down, I don’t want to let my team down, I don’t want to let myself down. You get those opportunities and you make the most of them.”

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Helper Beagle’s Helpful Drop Pass to Backstrom (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.45.11 PM

Backstrom on his back, celebrating.

The Capitals had a tenuous one-goal lead over the Devils until the top line, featuring one Jay Beagle, helped put New Jersey in a two-goal hole.

A snazzy play in an otherwise subdued game.

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You guys, I’ve got some incredible news to share. Jay Beagle has played only 21 games this season, but tonight he tied his career high in goals with four. He’s also more than halfway to his career season high of 9 points, which he set last season.

The (un)dynamic fourth-line winger has scored two goals in his last two games. He also did this a few weeks ago. Suffice it to say: Beagle’s playing unleashed. Let’s throw him a bone (wink) and take a look at his latest goal.

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Photo: Luis M. Alvarez

Nine minutes after his five-on-three tally, Alex Ovechkin scored again. This time it was due to a beautiful, well-timed drop pass from Jay… Beagle?

Wait, what? Did I really just type that?

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Michael Latta fights current teammate Kris Newbury in a game last year.

According to Alex Prewitt of The Washington Post, Eric Fehr will return to the lineup this weekend and the healthy scratch will be one of four players currently practicing on the fourth line. They are: Jay Beagle, Michael Latta, Liam O’Brien, and Tom Wilson

Scratching Michael Latta would be a mistake and here’s why.

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On Friday, the Washington Capitals held a photoshoot for their annual dog calendar, benefitting Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. While we posted everything that was put up on social media that day by the Caps, we didn’t tell you that our very own Amanda Bowen went to the event and got her own photos.

And oh man, they are incredible.

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Remembering Jay Beagle’s Flip Phone, “Flipper”


We got some devastating news from The Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt on Tuesday: Jay Beagle‘s long-time companion Flipper has gone to a better place. By better place, I’m thinking a dumpster or a Verizon Store recycle bin.

Flipper is survived by my T-Mobile RAZR and Ted Leonsis’s LG Revere flip phone.

This news has shaken me to the core. I haven’t eaten. I couldn’t sleep. I’ve just been sobbing for hours on end.

Who is Jay Beagle without a flip phone? It’s like Adam Vingan without the puns. I don’t recognize it.

To console you, dear RMNB reader, as well as myself, let’s remember the better times– the times when Jay Beagle was still really, really technology-challenged.

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CapsTrainingCampDay2 (6 of 10)

Photo: Chris Gordon.

Day two of Capitals training camp was Saturday, and the team continued the tough pace set by Barry Trotz on Friday. Each of the three group of players spent about an hour and the half on the ice, focusing on drills designed to simulate game situations and learn the system. With the first preseason game just hours away, three groups of Caps battled along the boards for loose pucks and charged at the net. Unlike previous regimes, Trotz is throwing the players into the fire quickly.

“This is the one day we had to prepare to play tomorrow,” the coach told reporters. “We tried to get a lot of stuff in that was situational.”

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Brooks copy

Photo: Amanda Bowen

One hundred sixty days after the Washington Capitals missed the playoffs for the first time since 2007, 66 players took to the ice in Arlington, Virginia looking to atone for a lost season. New head coach Barry Trotz put his players through a 45-minute practice and then a rigorous skate test, which left many exhausted, including Alex Ovechkin. This year’s training camp is supposed to be a hard one, part of Trotz’s plan to transform this team from an also-ran into a real success. The Caps have just two days of training camp to get their legs under them before the preseason opens on Sunday.

Below the jump are photos from the day via RMNB’s newest contributor, Amanda Bowen.

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Jay Beagle: 2013-14 Season Review


Today we have the privilege of discussing top-line dynamo Jay Beagle, who is a perfectly respectable player when he’s not being assigned the role of top-line dynamo. …Adam.

By the Numbers

62 Games played
11 Average time on ice per game
4 Goals
5 Assists
44.8% Shot attempt percentage during 5v5
35.5% Goal percentage during 5v5
4.5% On-ice shooting percentage during 5v5
93.4% On-ice saving percentage during 5v5

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