Regardless of tonight’s outcome, this will be the final game CSN Washington covers this postseason. Therefore, this is the final Joe B Suit of the Night.

In case you’re wondering, Beninati brought out his A game for the telecast. He wore a handsome navy suit with a red tie, white pocket square, and a vertically striped blue dress shirt. Check out all of Joe B’s suits this season.

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The Caps’ Video For Bensten Is Powerful Stuff


I hate feeling my own feels. The Caps just turned my insides to mush with this two-minute video dedicated to Bensten “Bman” Schone. As you’ll recall, Bensten is the six-year-old Caps fan who was struck by a car after accidentally sledding into the road. He’s been slowly recovering from a brain injury ever since.

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Photo: Chris Gordon

With the Caps/Flyers game on national TV tonight, we were denied the calls of the DC Sportscaster of the Year Joe Beninati and his loyal sidekick Craig Laughlin. That also means no Joe B suit of the night.

Hold that thought. RMNB’s Chris Gordon came through in the clutch post-game. Above, check out a relaxed Beninati, sans tie, kicking it in the bowels of Verizon Center.

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Joe Beninati Named D.C. Sportscaster of the Year


Many Caps fans watching television have known just one man as the voice of the team: Joe Beninati. Over the past decade, Beninati has won countless Emmys for his play-by-play of hockey games. On Friday, he received an even higher honor. Beninati was named D.C. Sportscaster of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

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Wish-recipient Lauren Santora had a great weekend. Her dream came true meeting Alex Ovechkin. She scored on Braden Holtby, a goal that was eventually narrated by voice of the Caps, John Walton.

And that was just Friday. On Saturday, the eight-year-old suffering from type 1 diabetes, was honored at the Caps/Lightning game. Well, if you call getting snowed by Tom Wilson an honor (which she probably would).

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CSN Washington’s Joe Beninati has won a swimming pool filled with Emmy statuettes for his unmatched calling of Caps games over the years. And you’re certainly well aware that he is a finely dressed man (we’ve documented every suit he’s worn over the last five years). And yes, we once had him dress our own Chris Gordon.

Our adulation of Beninati’s style has been loud and proud, but Hollywood has been slower to notice. No longer.

Earlier this week, E! Fashion Police star Giuliana Rancic (a Whitman High and American University graduate) called Joe B the best dressed play-by-play man in the NHL.

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During Friday’s first intermission, Craig Laughlin and the rest of the Comcast Sportsnet crew presented Joe Beninati with a birthday cake. In typical Locker form, however, the cake from Clyde’s had been destroyed before arriving in front of Beninati, who is celebrating his 49th birthday.

“We had a little accident, everybody,” Laughlin said laughing. “You know what my mom says? ‘It’s always the thought that counts.'”

Laughlin tipped the cake over to the camera.

“I can read it,” Laughlin continued. “It says ‘Happy Birthday.’ There was ‘Joe B’ below that, but… this is sort of what happens to you [in your life], right?”

“That’s my story in a nutshell,” Beninati deadpanned.

Later, Laughlin struck a match and lit a candle on the cake. As he blew out the match, the candle on the cake sitting in his lap was blown out.

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Before the Washington Capitals took on the Carolina Hurricanes on Sunday, there was a wedding at center ice of Verizon Center. Mike and (the now) Liz Shannon tied the knot in front of family and friends standing inside the home and away benches.

Now, getting married wearing Caps jerseys on the ice of the Capitals home arena is pretty cool, but this is where I’m going to blow your mind: CSN’s Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin participated in the service.

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Photo: @RFCapsMoustache

Long-time Emmy-winning Washington Capitals’ play-by-play man Joe Beninati has kept himself busy this summer. He’s called the Lacrosse World Championships for ESPN and today he’s doing play-by-play of one of the biggest college football rivalries in the sport: University of Maryland & the University of West Virginia for the Big Ten Network.

This is the game UMD is wearing those awesome Star-Spangled Banner jerseys in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore.

This is the second Maryland game Beninati’s helped narrate this season, earlier this month doing play-by-play of the UMD/JMU game.

If this Deadspin video is any indication, Joe B is absolutely killing it in the booth.

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Photo: @monumentalntwrk

It never ends, and I’m sorta okay with that. Today in #ALSIceBucketChallenge news, Capitals coach Barry Trotz and fashion maven Joe Beninati took the plunge. Monumental Network video’d the whole thing. It’s quite a production.

The promotion so far has raised over $40 million to fight amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Participants who get dumped on donate $10; those who fail to meet the challenge (e.g. me) donate $100.

I mention this because I consider what Joe and Barry did cheating. They dipped into the pool right after they got soaked, which means they were only chilly for like two seconds, tops. That’s not enough. So I think they should pony up another $90. Your thoughts?

Pretty pictures below.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: Caps Media Relations Manager Page Sagester says there was no cheating involved.

We are unable to confirm the report as we have not yet been invited to swim in the Caps’ hot cold tub.

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