Photo credit: Eric Hartline

During Friday’ Caps/Flyers line brawl, defenseman John Carlson lost his mind while watching his best pal Braden Holtby get assaulted by Ray Emery. In this photo by Eric Hartline, Carlson yells at official Francois St. Laurent for his role in letting the attack happen. John Carlson is a good teammate. He cares. This is good.

But I’m a snide blogger and I can’t help but laugh. I’ve looked at this photo 73 times since Saturday, and I giggle every time. Carlson looks like he’s about to eat St. Laurent whole. He looks like he wants to destroy something beautiful. He looks like he’s telling Tom Cruise that he can’t handle the truth. Carlson is usually a mellow guy, with a slight grimace on his face 99% of the time, so the whole thing was a bit unusual.

I wonder what would happen if I cut out Angry John and let you guys put him in other settings, situations, and events? That worked wonders for McKayla Maroney.

Download it as a png (here’s another version that includes his leg), and put Angry John wherever you want, and upload your photoshop (save it as a jpeg) into our comments below. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

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Watch John Carlson Get Super Pissed at the Emery ‘Fight’


Photo credit: Eric Hartline

The Flyers-instigated brawl during Friday night’s game was an ugly scene for the league. Whatever your view of fighting, that a bloodthirsty player could get away with assaulting an unwilling opponent pulls the NHL towards the pro wrestling side of the spectrum. In the moment when Ray Emery attacked fellow goalie Braden Holtby, it was kind of hard to tell the difference between the two.

“He didn’t want to fight,” Emery told Chuck Gormley. “I said, basically, ‘Protect yourself.’ He didn’t really have much of a choice.”

Kind of like a mugging.

The Capitals were outraged that referee Francois St. Laurent let the ‘fight’ go on considering only one participant appeared to be willing.  Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson, in particular, was peeved. As he should be.

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Am I writing my third Caps dog post in a week? I am writing my third Caps dog post in a week.

Today in cute Washington Capitals dog photo news, Karl “Katniss” Alzner and John Carlson posed for Show Your Soft Side, an anti-animal abuse campaign. Alzner, who has three rescue puppies at home, posed with two of his own dogs, the world-famous Charlie and Murphy. Carlson posed with his own pup as well, Ellie, who he describes in the poster as “his best girl.”

The posters will go up in Baltimore — which I hope explains that beautiful hue of orange on the side — and will target Charm City’s youth.

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Moar Caps Dog Calendar Photos


The Washington Capitals released a behind-the-scenes video on Tuesday that gives us a peak behind the curtain of the upcoming Caps Dog calendar, which benefits the Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Every dollar from the sale of these keepsakes will go to making a pet’s life better, which is why on December 3rd, you will buy one when they go on sale. They’ve be available through the Capitals’ team stores at Verizon Center and Kettler, as well as online.

Because I love you guys, I have collected some of my favorite stills from the new video. If you ask me, the best pic is the one where Grabovski stares deep into that dog’s soul. Or Hula Holtby.

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Winning Feels Nice: Caps Top Blue Jackets 4-1


Happy times! (Photo credit: Patrick McDermott)

Finishing up their longest home stand of the season, the Washington Capitals took on new look (!) Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday. Facing a bunch of weak teams, the Caps didn’t do well in their last four games of their five game set at Verizon Center, posting a record of 1-3 and falling to 2-5 overall. Yesterday, Adam Oates had enough and went all “Screw everything! YOLO!” on the lines. Erat to the second! Fehr on the fourth! Grabo on the third! Other things! Par-ty!

No offense in the first frame. In the second, though, power play powerhouse Joel Ward rifled one top shelf on Sergei Bobrovsky to give the Caps the lead. Washington added to it about six minutes later when Brooks Laich popped in the rebound after Steve Oleksy’s inexplicably fancy stick work. The Caps took it home in the third with tallies from Troy Brouwer and Alex Ovechkin. Garbage goal for Artem Anisimov late. Wee! Caps top Jackets 4-1.

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John Erskine: Even-Strength Albatross (Video)


Photo credit: Elsa

Ostensibly, John Erskine is a top-4 defenseman, but his performance so far this season leaves much to be desired. He has been on the ice for the last five even-strength goals scored against the Caps.

The team’s goal differential during 5v5 play, by the way, is minus-5. Coincidence?

Let’s take a look at how those goals went down.

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Caps Players Signed One of Those Awful Toasters


Photo credit: Amanda H.

[Editor's note: When Washington Capitals fan Amanda H. went to the Caps Season Ticket Holder party at Six Flags last year, she had Martin Erat sign a photo of Filip Forsberg. This year, she one-upped herself. We'll let her explain.]

Martin Erat signs the toaster (Photo credit: Amanda H.)

Martin Erat signs the toaster (Photo credit: @Komissarov95)

I had debated for a few days what I should get signed at the season ticket holder party. I have a ton of Caps stuff, but nothing really stood out to me, until about twenty minutes before I had to leave. Long forgotten due to the poor toast it makes (No, seriously it’s very bad toast, I have yet to find a setting that toasts most of the bread without burning the other half), my Capitals toaster sat on a shelf, not having been used in months.

Images of walking around an amusement park carrying a toaster danced in my head. It was too amusing to turn down. I have a suspicion those events might be slightly tedious so I felt like this might spice things up. At the very least it’d give me something to say to the players instead of just awkwardly standing in silence. I cleaned it up a little and tested to make sure the sharpie would actually stick. It did!

When my friend Alyssa and I arrived in the parking lot, I had a moment of doubt. Am I really going to go get a toaster signed? Why didn’t I clean it thoroughly beforehand? I figured that either way, this would be a great story and probably worth the effort. I went through security and the bag check. The guy checking my bag thought my toaster was pretty cool.

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Photo: @JohnCarlson74

Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward joined former NHL players Jamie McLennan and Jeff O’Neill on TSN 1050 Radio this afternoon. Yes, he spent almost the entirety of the interview talking about his fun excursion in Dallas where he got locked in a hotel bathroom. Better that than his even-strength goal differential.

Here is a transcription of most of the interview. The Big Cheese has a new nickname.

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Photo: @JRandalWard42

Joel Ward spent his morning stuck in a hotel bathroom. The lock on the Dallas Omni bathroom door wouldn’t give, but lucky for Ward his teammates were around to save him. Well, some of them saved him;  others documented the ordeal and shared it with the Internet. Because #Friendship.

Hockey players are just like us.

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Yep. (Photos by Chris Gordon)

There were some wild panels at this year’s Capitals Convention. My friend Kate cooked with Mike Green, George McPhee talked about getting verbal abuse about trades from teenage girls, and Ted Leonsis… well, I guess that one wasn’t so weird. The best one of all, though, was the ping pong tournament between pairs of Caps players. Taking part: Karl Alzner and John Carlson, Marcus Johansson and Nicklas Backstrom (aka Team Swede), and Mathieu Perreault and Troy Brouwer (Team Sexy Legs). Team Sexy Legs you ask? Well, just take a look at Troy’s outfit. I will never look at my thighs the same.

In the end, Team Swede won all their games, taking the tournament crown. Below, take a look at my photos.

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