Pat Holden Speaks of One-Goal Games on Caps Radio


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With a few bright exceptions, there is a dearth of hockey chat on sports talk radio in the area. The Caps are aiming to change that with Caps Radio, a daily two-hour block of puck talk hosted by your boy John Walton. On Monday, our own Pat Holden guested on the program.

Yesterday, Holden discussed the Caps’ recent glut of one-goal games and what that may portend for postseason fortunes. He also hit on the value of Mike Richards and the fourth line. Audio is below. Give it a listen.

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Late in overtime, the Washington Capitals had a chance to end the game when the Anaheim Ducks took a too-many-men penalty. It gave the Caps a four-on-three power play, which they frittered away 16 seconds later when TJ Oshie closed his hand on the puck.

On the live telecast, you could see Caps captain Alex Ovechkin protesting the delay of game penalty by standing directly in front of official Gord Dwyer who was trying to announce the call. Dwyer seemed testy, waving his arms around all willy nilly at Ovechkin, but it was nothing too out of the ordinary.

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The Caps’ Video For Bensten Is Powerful Stuff


I hate feeling my own feels. The Caps just turned my insides to mush with this two-minute video dedicated to Bensten “Bman” Schone. As you’ll recall, Bensten is the six-year-old Caps fan who was struck by a car after accidentally sledding into the road. He’s been slowly recovering from a brain injury ever since.

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Photos: Amanda Bowen

On Friday, the Washington Capitals hosted eight-year-old Lauren Santora at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Lauren, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, had one wish: to meet her favorite hockey player, Alex Ovechkin.

The Connecticuter got that and then some. After going on a Caps shopping spree and practicing with the team, Santora was asked by Ovechkin to go on a two-on-none against Braden Holtby. You’d think selfish Ovi would shoot, but instead he dished to Santora, who nailed the puck into the back of the net. It was a super sweet moment.

After publishing video of that goal yesterday, @dlj26 tweeted us to say he’d love to hear the voice of the Capitals, John Walton, call the goal. We agreed, so we asked the notoriously busy play-by-play man. He came through in the clutch.

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Here’s John Walton Calling the Playoffs for NBC Sports

Before he became the Caps’ radio play-by-play guy, John Walton did public announcements for the Cincinnati Reds and called three Hershey Bears Calder Cup championships. He’s already had a great career, but tonight he’s be calling the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs for NBC Sports. That’s a whole ‘nother level.

If you tuned into NBCSN, you heard the dulcet tones of @WaltonCaps telling the story of the Anaheim Ducks vs the Dallas Stars.

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We needed this. With all the furor surrounding the Caps currently, Joel Ward and Jason Chimera helpfully hit the release valve by cutting an Aprils Fools video posing as Caps media men John Walton and Mike Vogel.

In a skull cap and wig, the third-line wingers hosted the pre-game  Two-Man Advantage video. Ward repeated Walton’s catch phrase three or seven times, and Chimera rattled off stats in a meaningless number salad– all in an uncanny impersonation of Vogel.

This is great. Please watch it. I promise it will cheer you up.

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Photo credit: Chris Gordon

I can’t get over Alex Ovechkin‘s four-goal game on Tuesday, so I took John Walton’s radio call and turned it into a ringtone. (iOS devices only, sorry.)

Download the Alex Ovechkin / John Walton iOS ringtone

Or just grab the MP3 version:


To put it on your iPhone/iOS device, first connect the device to iTunes. Drag the file on top of the device in the panel at left. That will send the file to the device. You’ll be able to find it under Settings / Sounds / Ringtone and Text Tone. Enjoy!

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Whatever you think of Bruce Boudreau, he will forever be a part of DC hockey lore. He transformed the Washington Capitals into contenders, won the Jack Adams his first year behind the bench, and he invigorated a languid fan base. He had stories; amazing hockey stories. After talking with Caps radio man John Walton, I’m ready to share one of Bruce’s most legendary moments.

On December 26, 2006, Bruce Boudreaua few months after his first AHL championship and exactly a full year before he was permanently hired as head coach of the Washington Capitals — jumped onto a bus with the Hershey Bears for a 220-mile jaunt up I-95 to Bridgeport, Connecticut. The Bears had Christmas off and were forced to travel the day of the game. The drive usually takes about three and a half hours.

The team ran into post-holiday traffic, pushing their arrival time back a few hours. When the Bears finally arrived at the Arena at Harbor Yard, they had just 20 minutes before warm-ups. As each player grabbed his gear off the bus, they ran to the locker room. Boudreau, who always preferred the comfort of his track-suit on the bus, grabbed his only companion, a suit bag, and headed inside to the visiting team’s coaches’ office along with assistant Bob Woods and general manager Doug Yingst.

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Alex Ovechkin Signs Six-Year Deal with Bauer

Ovi sports his new gear. Click to enlarge. (Photo credit: Bauer)

Photo credit: Chris Gordon

The world’s most famous hockey player has got some new gear. After dropping CCM over the summer, Alex Ovechkin unveiled a new six-year sponsorship with rival manufacturer Bauer, whose equipment Ovi used for the first three years of his career. This is Ovechkin’s second new sponsorship of the week after news of his long-term deal with superpower Nike for “lifestyle” and “performance” products surfaced on Thursday night.

“I think that CCM treat me well,” Ovechkin told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “They help me a lot and without that project I can’t score 65 goals. But in that kind of moment and that kind of situation right now, I feel that Bauer is company who I’m looking forward to work with. I played with this stick a couple years ago and I like it.”

The move doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. With Ovi’s ditching CCM — and therefore their parent company Reebok — that left Bauer as the only company with the cash to pickup a superstar endorsement.

The move was also teased on Bauer’s Web site over the holiday weekend, with their home page sporting a picture of skates with the Great Eight’s trademark yellow laces and the banner “This year will be different.”

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