It wouldn’t be an All-Star Game without Alex Ovechkin doing something amazing. During warm-ups, NBC panned to the Russian machine as he skated around with the rest of his Team Foligno teammates. It was at that perfect moment Ovechkin decided to pick the puck up with the blade of his stick and juggle it out to center ice.

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Every time I think I’ve seen Alex Ovechkin do it all, he does something new and mind-boggling. This time, it was Ovechkin’s last-second shot on Marc-André Fleury from Saturday night. Ovechkin didn’t score, but he freaking juggled the puck over his head twice high before taking a baseball swing and firing a shot on net.

He almost scored stick-side. That would have been every bit the highlight-reel goal Ovechkin’s score from last week was.

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Alex Ovechkin Juggles the Puck Again (Video)

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has unrivaled puck skills. So much so that juggling the puck has become easy for him. In years past, Ovechkin would pull the move off only in All-Star Game breakaway challenges. Now he’s using the move in games and has even scored with it.

Saturday, Ovechkin juggled the puck again, this time after his and Patrice Bergeron’s sticks knocked the puck air-borne in the neutral zone.

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