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Tuesday night, deaf model Nyle DiMarco was crowned the Mirror Ball champion on the 22nd season of “Dancing with the Stars.” The Queens native won over viewers and judges with his mesmerizing ability to dance without hearing the music. The 27-year-old nabbed the trophy with the guidance of pro partner Peta Murgatroyd.

But let’s be honest, most of us don’t care about that.

What we do care about is former Capital Brooks Laich was in the audience in support of his fiancee, DWTS judge Julianne Hough. Laich was shown on live TV multiple times.

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Here’s Brooks Laich Posing With a Lion


A few weeks ago, former Capital Brooks Laich and his Hollywood fiancee Julianne Hough went on an African Safari. Over the last few days, the couple have been sharing their photos from their trip, which included Laich posing with a lion. He looks very excited.

“Neither of us had been there before so it was a true bucket list moment for us to explore Kruger National Park in South Africa,” Hough wrote on her website. “The environment was breathtaking and the people were incredible. One thing I’ll never forget is zip lining from Zambia to Zimbabwe; we were able to literally be in two places at once!”

Laich seemed more intrigued by the dangerous animals.

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Brooks Laich has a penchant for being generous after losses. Back in 2010, Laich changed a flat tire for two Caps fans who were stranded on the side of the road. He did this despite a devastating game seven loss to the Canadiens, which ended the Caps’ President Trophy-winning season early.

Wednesday night following another loss to the Habs, Laich and his fiancée Julianne Hough stopped by Don Tito, a popular establishment in Clarendon among Caps players. The couple was served by Rian Hannah Hopcroft.

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Yesterday, we posted a video from Julianne Hough that showed her fiancé, Capitals forward Brooks Laich, singing an elaborate greeting. “Hello, beautiful,” Laich sang. “Good morning, good morning, my love. Good morning, my girl. Good morning, my fiancée. Good morning, beautiful.”

“If that doesn’t put a smile on your face…,” Hough captioned the video, with a heart-eyes emoji. Oh, it did, Julianne. It definitely did. And apparently, it gave a smile and then some for one our our more technology-savvy RMNB readers.

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Here’s What It’s Like to be Engaged to Brooks Laich

For most of the past 12 years, Brooks Laich has been the number one heart throb of the Washington Capitals. In October 2013, Vanity Fair named the handsome hunk one of the best-dressed players in the league. Many of my friends, who I will not name, openly told me about how someday they wished to be Mrs. Brooks Laich.

Well today, I am here to show you what that reality would be like, courtesy of Laich’s movie-star fiancée Julianne Hough.

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Here’s How the Capitals Spent Their Christmas Break


Photo: @jc7474

The Washington Capitals have been on Christmas Break ever since Monday’s thrilling 2-1 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes.

So what has everyone been up to? I’m glad you asked.

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Help Julianne Hough Pick Out A Wedding Dress


Over the summer, Capitals forward Brooks Laich proposed to his girlfriend, actress Julianne Hough. Since they began dating, Hough has become a Caps fan favorite, frequently stopped on the Verizon Center concourse for photo requests, which she happily obliges.

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Last Thursday, the Washington Capitals held their annual season-ticket holder party at Six Flags America and it was a bunch of fun. There were ketchup bottle cookies, dominant whack-a-mole performances, an Oshie/Yoshie meeting, and spur of the moment tattoos. Now the team’s releasing GoPro footage of some Caps and their significant others riding a roller coaster.

It’s mandatory viewing — especially because of how scared TJ Oshie is before the Superman’s first big drop.

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Photo via @juleshough

Last week, Caps forward Brooks Laich and entertainment superstar Julianne Hough announced they were engaged, which became headline news everywhere. Today, Julianne (finally!) showed us the ring in a post on her personal blog.

And, wow. That thing is GIGANTIC.

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Tuesday morning, Capitals heartthob Brooks Laich announced his engagement to star Julianne Hough. Because the super-famous Hough is a triple threat (actress/singer/dancer) and on one of network TV’s biggest shows (Dancing With The Stars), nearly every news outlet in the world covered the proposal, including TMZ, ABC World News, and NBC Nightly News.

That’s cool and all, but anyone can post an Instagram photo and relay the news that a couple is engaged. I need hard-hitting analysis. I need deep, incisive journalism. I need Access Hollywood’s comprehensive coverage of the proposal– an entire segment dedicated to explaining who the heck Brooks Laich is.

Billy Bush, take me on a sports journey.

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