A Rare Sight: The Capitals Practice Rink All Fogged Up


Photo: @ChuckGormleyCSN

Halloween is just a few days away, and in the true spirit of the holiday, the Caps arrived at their practice rink at Kettler Capitals Iceplex this morning to a very unusual and spooky sight: Fog on the ice.

Check this out.

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You guys, Evgeny Kuznetsov is really here and signed now and every little part of that process is exciting. Such as this photo from the Washington Capitals. The pic, which shows Kuznetsov’s new locker stall at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, received over 3,000 likes in two hours on Instagram.

Let me repeat, a photo of a locker stall and a nameplate. Three thousand likes.

You’re excited. We’re excited. Everyone’s excited. Why? Because it’s finally Kuzya Time.

Let’s do this.

charity hockey classic

Blood and hockey are a natural pair, and we need more of both right now. The Charity Hockey Classic, to be held at 7pm this Saturday at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, is gonna solve both those problems at once. The event is a round-robin tournament for charity (I expect the Caps alum/front-office team to sweep) with special appearances by Elliot in the Morning’s Elliot Segal, Slapshot, the Red Rockers, and those dang mites on ice.

There will also be a silent auction. Admission is 10 bucks at the door; kids are free.

Please help Inova refurbish the bloodmobile and save some lives. And, because it’s hockey, you can watch Cap alum Paul Mulvey (43 career fights) endanger some lives as well.

More info after the jump and at charityhockeyclassic.com.

UPDATE: Your boy Wes Johnson, Capitals in-arena announcer, will be there too. Now it’s a party.

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Reminder: #RMNBParty5 is on Saturday!

We are just one day away from RMNB Party 5: Skate or Die!  Go check out our original post or our Facebook event.

Thanks to some well timed henriquing, there will in fact be a game to watch on Saturday night, and there is a decent chance we’ll even be together to watch somebody hoist the Stanley Cup. Not gonna lie: I will get emotional.

The game is supposed to start at 8, but who knows what kind of nonsensical padding and human interest story fluff NBC will air beforehand. If Costas shows up, you know it’s gonna be bad.

Seriously: you’re coming, right?

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RMNB Party Five: Skate or Die!

Illustration by Ian Oland.

It’s only been the offseason for a couple weeks, and we already miss you guys. So we had a thought: why don’t we all get together, share some laughs, and watch maybe the last hockey game  of the year?

So. Saturday, June 9, 7 PM. Come to Front Page VA to watch Game Five* of the Stanley Cup Finals with us. Front Page will have some TVs tuned to the game, specials for the hungry and thirsty among us, and a small army of service staff waiting at your beck and call.

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Ovi happy, Alzner sad. Pic’s blurry, but yet so very, very perfect. (Photo credit: Tarik El-Bashir)

Karl Alzner has been hating on everything Russian over the past week. First, he gave us low marks on RMNB’s “Caps Fans and Bad Habits” post. More recently, he bet against Team Russia in the WJC and the only Caps prospect in the tournament, Evgeny Kuznetsov. Why? So he could show allegiance to his Canadian homeland. Deplorable.

And that’s why the humility train made a quick stop at Kettler Capitals IcePlex. Alzner had to wear an ugly Russia jersey from the pits of Alex Ovechkin’s closet. Alzner wore the unsightly thing all practice long and described it as “the worst morning of my life.”

Neener, neener.

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John Carlson takes a shot on Cale Chimera. (Photo credit: @slw357)

Lots of  stories unfolded today at Kettler Capitals Iceplex (MG52 may return on Tuesday, Alex Semin’s has a Schrodinger-y arm laceration), but there were none more awesome than Cale Chimera taking the ice.

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Lawmakers Defeat Warriors 6-3 in Charity Hockey Game

Craig Brownstein of PuckBuddys writes for Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Just before hitting the ice, Joe Bowser of the Warrior team was asked what their strategy was to beat the Congressional squad, “Just show up,” he joked. He later added, “And we promise to pay our taxes on time.”

Mike Quigley

Rep. Quigley of the Congressional Team waits for another shift. (Photo credit: Craig Brownstein)

The big man for the Warriors talked a big game, but at the end of the night, the Lawmakers came out on top, 6-3. Taking an early lead in the first period, the Hill team held off the Warriors, a squad comprised of active duty members, reservists and vets, many of them skating with artificial limbs. “We’ll put our best foot forward,” Bowser said before the game, aware of the obvious pun.

The rain didn’t do much to dampen attendance at Kettler last night and the stands held a raucous crowd, primarily Warriors boosters. But it was the Obama address to the Joint Session of Congress that kept a number of elected officials away. But as per usual in this town, the hard work (and scoring) was done by the staff. Rep. Mike Quigley was the sole elected official to play last night. We thanked him for the time he gave us earlier this week when we previewed the game. Just before taking the ice, and maybe a bit torqued on how we characterized him, Quigley looked at us and said, “Pugnacious?” Mustering every bit of confidence that 15 years at C-SPAN will give a guy, we looked him square in the eye and replied, “What – did we spell it wrong?”

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Doug Johnson of PuckBuddys writes for Russian Machine Never Breaks.

“It’s tough, it’s fast, and you better be highly skilled,” says the Chicago pol bluntly. “Believe me, I’ve got my share of bruises and stitches over the years. There’s a brutal beauty to it.”

Rep. Quigley during last year's Warriors game.

You could be forgiven for thinking the not-quite-second term Democrat and former Cook County Commissioner was talking about politics– Chicago-style or otherwise. But he’s talking about his other hard-knocks passion: hockey.

Stocky and pugnacious, Rep. Quigley looks and talks like a guy who’s been around the rink a few million times. He should. “I’ve been playing since I was eight years old, skating around on old frozen lagoons,” he says. “Twenty degrees below zero, all of that. And I never stopped. I played every chance I could get.”

Quigley loves everything about hockey. Watching it: “Sitting at the old Chicago Stadium – 3rd row, 2nd box behind the blue line– man, that place just shook. Never shoulda torn it down.” Playing it: “My favorite play out there is setting up a bang-bang play, you know, a real good-looking goal.” Even tweaking his opponents about it: “When I was Cook County commissioner, I passed this resolution, right before the Winter Classic between Detroit and the Blackhawks. All the whereas’s and here-to-for’s … but if you read every red capitalized letter, it spells out “DETROIT SUCKS.” (We checked it out. He really did.)

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USA Warriors: “Hockey Was a Life-saver For Me”

Wounded warrior

Doug Johnson of PuckBuddys writes for Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Retired Army Staff Sgt. Drew Hill doesn’t sound like a guy whose life needed saving. He’s confident and friendly, with that ingrained Army habit of calling you “Sir,” and he loves talking about hockey. “Chippy,” it turns out, is one of his favorite descriptions for just about everything.

The Warriors pose for a photo after a recent game.

We spoke recently just as he stepped off the ice after practice at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. He was tired — “Sorry about being winded, Sir,” he said — but eager to talk about his team of military pals who don skates as often as they can. Whether they have all their limbs or not. After all, they have a big game coming up.

Hill is a member of USA Warriors Ice Hockey, a project of USA Hockey and the NHL, that gets wounded American combat veterans out on the ice, playing hockey, no matter if they’ve ever played before or not.

Hill was one of those who had. “I played off and on through high school and up from there,” he told me. “But when I got into the Army I had to back it off a bit. Then I got hurt in Afghanistan in 2006; I picked it back up. Hockey was a life-saver for me.”

In fighting, Hill’s right ankle was essentially shattered and had to be completely rebuilt. “I’ve got titanium and all kinds of metal down there,” he said. His rehabilitation was long and, as they often are, difficult. “Physical therapy was great, but it just wasn’t aggressive enough. I was still walking with a cane. Well, I strapped on a pair of skates and started skating around, and the therapy I got from being on the ice basically got me working my right leg again.”

Hill’s story is a familiar one to anyone who plays with, or knows of , Warriors Ice Hockey. Composed of wounded vets from Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s part exercise, part amateur league, and part therapy. And this Thursday at 7pm, the puck will drop at Kettler on a big game — the Wounded Warriors vs. the Congressional hockey team.

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