Nicklas Backstrom’s Big Hit was Completely Unintentional

Former Blue Jacket Maxim Mayorov felt Nick Backstrom‘s wrath during Monday’s game between Atlant and Dynamo Moscow. In the third period of Atlant’s upset victory, Mayorov skated up the boards before trying to beat Backstrom by cutting to the middle. The Swedish machine didn’t seem to notice as Mayorov collided with him and bellyflopped onto the ice, his skates above his head.

The collision looked fantastic from the fourth row of Megasport Arena. Not to brag.

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Blame it on my birthday; blame it on turkey day. Last week, during Dynamo’s 4-2 loss to Severstal Cherepovets, I totally dropped the ball.

Alex Ovechkin did more than get the C stitched on his jersey, grab an assist, and complain ad nauseam about the zebras. He also had one of those thunderous body checks, the kind where you wonder how many of his 206 bones are made from Soviet steel.

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“So I hear the Bettman get meteor. How burning rock solve lockout????” (Photo credit:

Fueled by two bonafide NHL superstars, Dynamo Moscow has recently had the power to rally back from big deficits. Against Vityaz on Tuesday, they came back to win after a 2-1 third-period deficit, and against Severstal on Friday they won despite being down 3-0 heading into the second. On Monday, after falling behind early to Atlant Moscow Region, Dynamo still seemed like could pull it out considering their sizable 11-4 shot advantage after the first period.

Dynamo couldn’t make the magic happen for a third consecutive game. Despite two assists from Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin, Dynamo fell to Atlant 5-2.

Video, ahoy!

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Backstrom holds his cake and poses with Dynamo fans. (Photo credit:

Since arriving in Russia to play for Alex Ovechkin’s Dynamo Moscow, Nicklas Backstrom has gotten the royal treatment. He’s lived at Dynamo’s practice facility, forced to take #99 as a jersey number (because he’s so darn great), and been invited by Ovi to some sweet celebrity-hosted parties. On Backstrom’s 25th birthday bash on Friday, the Dynamo organization and its fans went even further, creating giant banners and signs for Nicky. After his four-point game, Backstrom was then given a birthday cake. Granted, it didn’t have any of those rocket-fueled candles like Ovi’s did earlier this year.

Hm. It’s almost like they’re trying to steal him away from us or something…

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Ovechkin on his GWG: “YEEEEEEESS!!” (Photo credit:

Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin are on quite a streak. Backstrom has points in his last six contests (including one hat trick) and has been held without a point in just two of ten games since joining Dynamo Moscow. Meanwhile, Ovechkin has a five-game point streak going and has been held without a point in just three of his 19 games in the ‘K’.

On Friday against Severstal Cherepovets, Dynamo’s first line got even deadlier, as Toronto Maple Leaf Leo Komarov joined the team after a stint with the Marlies of the AHL. The trio combined to put up 8 points and 3 goals in Dynamo’s 5-3 win over Severstal. Backstrom, who was celebrating his 25th birthday, had four points (a goal and three assists) while his BFF Ovi had two goals, including the game-winner.

Let’s see this video.

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Nicky celebrates his GWG! (Photo credit:

A week after he tallied a hat trick against Vityaz Chekhov, Nicklas Backstrom destroyed Vityaz again, scoring two goals, including the game-winner, in Dynamo’s 3-2 win Tuesday.

At this point, one thing’s crystal clear: Nicky loves sixty-nine. Ever since changing his number early last week, Backstrom has morphed into the Swedish Gretzky, tallying 8 points in 4 games. In his previous 5 games with that other number, he had 3.

Now let’s see those goals.

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After suffering a rare loss to Severstal on Friday, newly-named/temporary captain Alex Ovechkin vented about the officiating, inferring implying that some calls would have been made only at a kids’ game. On Sunday, with Yuri Babenko still out with injury, Ovechkin kept the C and practiced leadership of another kind. 2:45 into overtime and on the power play, Ovechkin, who played a game-high 29:09 minutes, crashed the net to knock a rebound past Pekka Rinne, giving Dynamo Moscow a 3-2 win over Dinamo Minsk (who recently severed ties with Evander Kane).

Nicklas Backstrom, two games removed from his first KHL hat trick and multi-point game, had two assists in 19:05 of ice-time.

Let’s see that game-winner.

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“I help make scoar!” (Photo credit:

A few days after Alex Ovechkin signed a lockout contract with Dynamo Moscow, the Capitals captain did an interview explicitly saying he did not want to take over the captaincy like his friend Ilya Kovalchuk did with SKA St. Petersburg.

“This is a new team, I don’t know most of the guys here,” Ovechkin was quoted as saying by Dynamo’s official website. “Even if they offered me the C, I would decline. This team has leaders, veterans. And then a player with a big name shows up and muscles his way in? It would be disrespectful.”

Circumstances have changed. As Ovechkin and co. suited up against Severstal Cherepovets on Friday, normal Dynamo captain Yuri Babenko was unavailable (without explanation). Ovechkin was awarded the temporary captaincy of the team. Despite having Ovi as “kapitan,” Dynamo suffered a rare defeat, 4-2 loss to Severstal.

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Nicky celebrates his hat trick. (Photo credit:

Fresh off their week-long break for national team competition, Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstsrom, and the rest of Dynamo Moscow crew returned to action Wednesday against infamous Vityaz Chekhov. It was worth the wait. Backstrom, who finally switched his number during the Karjala Cup break, went APE NUTS in his new 69 jersey, registering his first career KHL hat trick and scoring the game’s decisive goal – an overtime game-winner.

While Backstrom was dominant, registering six shots during 22:04 of ice time, his BFF Ovi was no slouch either, assisting on one of Nicky’s goals and firing nine shots on net in 27:05 of game action.

Now let’s see these goals.

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Nicklas Backstrom’s New KHL Number is 69

Graphic by Ian Oland.

Sad news, you guys. Nicklas Backstrom has decided to change his Dynamo Moscow jersey number to 69.

Magnus Nystrom of, first to detail the news, explains that Backstrom never wanted Gretzky’s holy number to begin with and had to work hard to change it.

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