Caps Fan Father of the Year

Look, I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids, but Mike P. is certainly doing the whole dad thing right. Evidence: Mike has taught his barely two-year-old son Michael Jr. an essential phrase: “Let’s go Caps!”

With absolutely no research to back this up, I’m still pretty certain that those three hallowed words can get you out of speeding tickets and get you unlimited free drinks and high fives in this area. Michael Jr. has a head start in important life skills.

Curious, I asked Mike what his son’s first word was. He said it wasn’t Ma-ma or dah-da. It was this! I assume he had just watched a sweet Ovechkin dangle-and-goal or something

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Alex Semin

Alex Semin signs autographs for the kids in attendance.

This past Wednesday, Alexander Semin held a workshop for kids of the Sokol Hockey School in Podgorny, a southern Siberian town about 25 miles from his birthplace of Krasnoyarsk. The winger spent the day showing the young players everything from the basics — improving their shooting, skating, and passing — to how to warm-up like an NHL player.

“To become a star,” Semin told the kids, “you need to work hard in training sessions and always give your all in games.” No word on whether Matt Bradley was in attendance.

Later, the 27-year-old held a Q&A with the children and signed autographs for the participants.

During his summers off, Sasha Minor often quietly volunteers his time near Krasnoyarsk — Semin gave away a signed stick the winner of a contest to name the new local ice rink last week, participated in a charity hockey tournament at the beginning of the summer, and even visited a group of orphans during his time off last year.

Below the jump, RMNB’s own Fedor Fedin transcribes Vesti-Krasnoyarsk’s video of the event.

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