Photo: Patrick McDermott

Jay Beagle scored his fourth career playoff goal, icing the game for the Caps late in the third period. Beags drove the center lane and nailed the top corner of the net like a 50-goal scorer, but I need to point out two crucial plays before that goal happened.

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“Finally got some beard! Swapped face!,” Andre Burakovsky wrote on Instagram. The Burracuda has since deleted the picture , but thank you, Tumblr, for preserving this forever.

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Noted goon Marcus Johansson is at it again — wait, wrong Swede. What I meant to say was: Andre Burakovsky, the team’s player with the most penalty minutes — no, that’s not right either…

Oh. Tom Wilson and Michael Latta, penalty-box regulars, have been doing some very important work at practice recently: teaching their skill forwards how to fight. Playoff hockey is right around the corner, and even though fighting is discouraged, a player has to be ready for anything.

Unfortunately, it does not appear as if the skill forwards wanted to learn.

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Marcus Johansson is the Newest Caps Dad


Caps Swede Marcus Johansson is now a Caps dad. The Washington Capitals announced the news is a tweet Thursday afternoon. Just like Nicklas Backstrom before him, Mojo is the father of an adorable little girl.

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Marcus Johansson Tried Smelling Salts But Did Not Inhale


Alex Ovechkin’s pregame ritual of sniffing smelling salts is a hit with his teammates. Everybody’s doing it these days. . . if you’re cool that is.

And you are cool, right, Marcus Johansson?

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Andre Burakovsky Can Throw a Perfect Spiral Now


The last time we visited the underbelly of an NHL arena, we learned that Andre Burakovsky could not throw a football right. Let’s revisit.

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Evgeny Kuznetsov’s Favorite Musician is Lady Gaga


Photos: thornescratch

The Washington Capitals organization gives out a program during games called “Breakaway.” Inside, it features various Caps players and their various (potentially embarrassing) survey answers. Kuzy, I’m sure, loves the surveys (Ian really enjoys that Vine), and some might even say he has a bad romance with them.

I learned a lot . . . maybe too much — such as Evgeny Kuznetsov‘s favorite musician being Lady Gaga. One can only imagine how excited he was to watch the singer perform the national anthem at Super Bowl 50. Let’s look at some other tidbits that thornescratch over on Tumblr provided us with.

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Photo: @WashCaps

With the Caps back from the all-star break, a third of the roster went on team-building event on Wednesday. Justin Williams, Braden Holtby, Marcus Johansson, Philipp Grubauer, Brooks Laich, Brooks Orpik, John Carlson, and Nicklas Backstrom braved a torrential downpour to take a private tour of The White House.

I’d give you more details, but the Caps didn’t share any. That’s okay; we’ve got social media.

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Photo: Maddie Meyer

Marcus Johansson left Wednesday’s game after suffering an upper-body injury in the first period.

It’s not apparent exactly what the injury is, but it probably occured when Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds smeared Johansson into the boards halfway into the first period.

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