This is Definitely Not John Carlson’s Goal (GIF)


In the first period, John Carlson scored on a point shot off a face-off. Or so we thought.

The puck took about a half-second to reach the net, but when the footage is slowed down, you can see two Caps forwards may have got their sticks on it.

As the puck passes Troy Brouwer, it definitely ramps up off his stick.

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Patrick Smith

Photo: Patrick Smith

Previously, I looked at the Caps power-play zone entries.

From a team perspective, the Caps obviously generate more shots on controlled zone entries than uncontrolled entries, as does just about every hockey team on the planet. Some of the Caps power play struggles in December can be attributed to them not attempting to carry the puck in as much.

Individually, that story highlighted Marcus Johansson‘s role on the power play as Plan A for zone entries. Johansson was responsible for the puck on entry 44.6 percent of the time he was on the ice in the 10-game sample, nearly 20 percentage points higher than any other player on the top unit. Johansson was very successful, entering with control 89.3 percent of the time he was responsible for the puck.

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What Barry Trotz Doesn’t Want When the Caps Have a Lead

Patrick McDermott

Photo: Patrick McDermott

There’s been a lot written about the Caps’ play with a lead lately both here and elsewhere. And then there were Barry Trotz’s postgame comments following the loss to the Oilers last week that left some people scratching their heads. It’s a popular topic for good reason. The Caps are fourth in the league in possession when trailing and ninth when tied, but they fall to 17th when they have a lead.

Trotz recently expanded on his thoughts on the team’s play with a lead to Alex Prewitt of The Washington Post.

“A good example of that was end of the second period. There’s 20 seconds left, just make a good play or get it out and don’t try to be too fine. That’s to me managing the game and managing the situation.”

Psssssst. Hey, Marcus Johansson. Your head coach is talking about you.

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Just put some toilet paper on it like you cut yourself shaving.

Hockey injuries are common. Cuts, scratches, lost teeth, and even arterial sprays are rather commonplace for pro players. Less so for coaches, but poor Barry Trotz bled for his team on Thursday.

Marcus Johansson bopped Trotz in the noggin following a hit with Luke Schenn in front of the Caps bench.

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The first half of the season was a struggle for Evgeny Kuznetsov. Lately though, we’ve been seeing some more confidence from Kuzy during even strength. Playing Toronto on Wednesday night, Kuznetsov skated nearly the length of the ice on a 2-on-4 attack before dishing to Marcus Johansson for a beautiful, one-timer goal.

It was a delicious apple– of the Russian variety!

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Eric Fehr is God: Caps Blank Pens 3-0



I spent my Saturday at Nationals Park — well, until NHL PR literally chased me out. The stadium is nearly in its full party dress with fake domes, banners, and a sheet of ice with logos on.

But alas, there were still more games on the calendar before New Year’s Day. Tonight the Caps visited Pittsburgh. A bunch of the Penguins have mumps. Crosby had mumps. Mumps makes your face big. Okay, we got that out of the way.

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Marcus Johansson’s Snapper Ends Caps’ 5v5 Goal Drought

According to your boy Adam Vingan, the Caps had gone nearly 150 minutes without a goal during 5v5. Marcus Johansson ended that with the kind of goal that gets adjectives like “disgusting” and “gorgeous” in equal amounts.

On the rush, Johansson faced NYI’s Brian Strait as he entered the zone. Johansson did a slight toe pick move before he shot just wide of Strait. The puck found the top corner behind Chad Johnson, putting the Caps up 2-0.

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Alex Ovechkin Almost Scores From His Knees (GIF)


Some of the greatest plays of Alex Ovechkin‘s career have come when he’s not even on his skates. There was The Goal, when he scored on the Coyotes while doing a barrel roll in the slot. Then there was that one time he almost scored against the Rangers while sitting on his bum.

Against the Lightning on Saturday, Ovechkin passed the puck to himself and got a semi-breakaway. He fell over, but that’s no reason not to get a shot on goal.

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“Killer” Turnovers Cost Caps Victory Over Red Wings


Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

For the last few games, Washington’s offense has been lacking. Alex Ovechkin has struggled to score — going five games without a goal — while the rest of the lines have struggled to click as Barry Trotz’s looks for line combinations that will gel. On Wednesday, they got the offense. Washington clearly outclassed the Red Wings but made a few inexplicable mistakes. They hurt.

“They’re not playing overly poor,” Trotz said after the game. “You’ve just got to put your nose to the grindstone and plow through it.”

“Every turnover we did have ended up in the back of the net a little bit,” he added.

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Photo: Amanda Bowen

This morning at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, Barry Trotz took a hammer to the lines that have been so successful in the early part of the season. Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom have been split up. The team’s second line, consisting of Marcus Johansson, Andre Burakovsky, and Troy Brouwer, has been blown to smithereens as well.

The Capitals also made a roster move this morning, recalling Tom Wilson from AHL Hershey and demoting Chris Brown. Brooks Laich, who suffered what appeared to be a shoulder injury last week, did not skate with the team and will not play Wednesday. Trotz believes Laich may practice later in the week. Come on, baked goods, I thought you had magical healing powers!

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