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By our math, today marks Dmitry Orlov‘s 30th day on the Washington Capitals’ active roster. For the first two months of the season, Orlov had been wearing out a groove between DC and Hershey, recalled and re-assigned six times without playing a single NHL game. The reason for all those two-and-a-half hour trips was a mystery until The Washington Post’s Katie Carrera reported that Orlov’s contract contained an escape clause: if he didn’t spend one month in the NHL by January 1st, Orlov could have walked.

On November 27th, Orlov’s agent, Mark Gandler, reported that his client would like to be traded rather than suffer the ignominy of US-15 any longer. Instead, on November 30th, Orlov played his first game in a Capitals uniform since March.

Neither the Capitals nor Orlov’s agent would comment on hitting the 30-day requirement, but it appears Orlov won’t be leaving town anytime soon.

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Mark Gandler is always good for a pot stirring. As an agent for Alex Semin, Gandler has rarely hesitated to drop a bombastic statement about his client or his critics. With Semin moved to the Carolina Hurricanes, playing pretty well, and pulling in a cool prorated $7 million for 48 games of work, Gandler must have figured it was his time to speak. In an interview with Sovetsky Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov, Gandler talks about how great Semin is doing in Raleigh, how underappreciated he was in DC, and why the Washington Capitals are so bad this year.

(Hint: Not enough Russians)

Igor Kleyner has your translation.

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Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

One of the remaining mysteries of this free agency season is what will be done with the elite-scoring, media-baffling Alex Semin. Now that Suter and Parise have picked their fates and signed their contracts, Semin is the remaining conspicuous free agent. Rumors abound that Semin is looking for a long-term deal, only to be rebuffed because GMs like Carolina’s Jim Rutherford have “heard the stories about him.”

Meanwhile, the Capitals inchoate lineup for 2012-13 lacks at least one top-six forward. Now, Semin’s agent Mark Gandler tells Sovetysky Sport that the Capitals have been asking Semin to come back “all the time.”

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