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Tuesday night, TJ Oshie and Karl Alzner went to the Washington Nationals game along with their wives Lauren and Mandy, both of whom are pregnant with their couples’ second children. Lauren posted a selfie that her husband TJ took on her Instagram account.

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Michael Latta in his natural habitat.

Tuesday night against the Islanders, Michael Latta got back in the line-up for the first time since February 22. During the first period, Latta made his presence felt, fighting 6’4” defenseman Scott Mayfield after teammate Mike Richards was slammed hard into the boards.

Because of Latta’s latest kerfuffle, we learned of his new nickname, courtesy of Karl Alzner.

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The Caps flew to Denver Thursday afternoon ahead of their 77th game of the season against the Colorado Avalanche. It sounds like the cross-country flight was not enjoyable for Michael Latta.

That’s because his roommate Tom Wilson was annoying him the entire time.

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Noted goon Marcus Johansson is at it again — wait, wrong Swede. What I meant to say was: Andre Burakovsky, the team’s player with the most penalty minutes — no, that’s not right either…

Oh. Tom Wilson and Michael Latta, penalty-box regulars, have been doing some very important work at practice recently: teaching their skill forwards how to fight. Playoff hockey is right around the corner, and even though fighting is discouraged, a player has to be ready for anything.

Unfortunately, it does not appear as if the skill forwards wanted to learn.

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Graphic by Amanda Bowen

Tuesday, Tom Wilson turned 22 years old. Willy Baby got a million well wishes online by Caps fans but it was three special wishes I want to point you to. They were from Wilson’s roommate Michael Latta (2) and Andre Burakovsky.

Latta called Wilson a lot of things I’m guessing he’s not and Burakovsky brought out the old #brobeans hashtag.

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On Sunday night, 41-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Academy Award, winning Best Actor for The Revenant. To date, DiCaprio has won over 40 awards and has been nominated six times for an Oscar, but he had never won Best Actor until last night.

During his acceptance speech, DiCaprio thanked his fellow nominees, the cast and crew of The Revenant, and Martin Scorcese. He also talked about climate change. Two crucial people he forgot to thank: Caps roomies Tom Wilson and Michael Latta.

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Saturday at Kettler, the Washington Capitals held a strenuous morning skate ahead of their game that night with the New Jersey Devils. After team drills, Michael Latta worked on his (surprisingly good) stick-handling at center ice, before saucing some passes with former roommate Andre Burakovsky.

Despite only playing in 40 games this season, Latta has already put up a career high in points (7) and has been a valuable contributor from the Capitals’ fourth line. When he hasn’t been on the ice, the St. Clements, Ontario, native has been one of the most fascinating players on the team, dancing with dolphins, begging for Instagram follows, and ragging on roommate Tom Wilson.

I spoke to Latta about life, hockey, and Caps Twitter on Saturday inside the locker room. It was a good chat.

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Michael Latta Signs His First Ketchup Bottle


Photo: @TheWuWu

A monumental event took place in Northern Virginia’s Fair Oaks Mall and it ain’t Auntie Anne’s pretzel bites. Michael Latta signed a ketchup bottle.


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Nate Schmidt Still Has a Valentine’s Day Gift From His Ex


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Sunday was Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the calendar year. Ahead of the holiday, On Tap Magazine asked Capitals players the best gifts they ever received, advice on the best gifts to give, and their favorite Valentine’s Day memories in general.

Dmitry Orlov and Mike Richards recommended fans give flowers to their loved ones. Nate Schmidt talked about the favorite Valentine’s Day gift he ever received and I need to tell you about it.

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Capitals head coach Barry Trotz gave his players the day off on Friday after they defeated Minnesota Wild 4-3 the previous night. Through 53 games, the Capitals have the most wins (40) in NHL history. I guess they earned it.

Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, Andre Burakovsky, and Nate Schmidt decided to spend their free day in Dallas doing the most hockey player thing imaginable: playing golf. The four amigos traveled to the fancy Top Golf facility, which features a driving range (that has TVs in every stall), batting cages, and a 64-hole miniature golf course.

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