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Have you been off the grid for the last two days? Yeah? Okay, catching you up real quick: Caps fans taunted Tim Thomas with Obama signs, and then everyone and their moms wrote about it. Even The Huffington Post wrote about it, and they’re like the Ocean’s Eleven of the Internet: only stealing the good stuff!

And then on Tuesday, the Pardon The Interruption crew featuring former Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon addressed the taunting during their toss-up segment, WORD!

Video is below the jump.

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Thursday night, I turned to ESPN2, and watched PTI while I ate dinner. It almost resulted in me spitting out my cheesesteak. Former Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon led the show off with hockey and expressed their opinions on the result of Game Four between Washington and the Rangers. Because I heard the words “championship” and “Capitals” uttered in the same sentence, I felt compelled to share. The transcript is below.

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Spelunking in the Echo Chamber with Michael Wilbon

Who's got two thumbs and an incoming rant directed at him?  THIS GUY

Who's got two thumbs and an incoming rant directed at him? THIS GUY

Sportswriter and TV personality Michael Wilbon shared this opinion about Alex Ovechkin:

[He] is bordering on out of control. He’d do well to get himself under enough control to concentrate soley on leading his team to victory because that’s all Crosby seems fixed on.

This is hokum.  Duh.  But let’s pretend for a moment that Wilbon is right (he’s not), and figure out how he reached this decision.

Alexander Ovechkin’s recent crimes

  1. Flattening Jaromir Jagr in a vicious, but legal hit.
  2. Palming a camera shooting him and his friends.
  3. Hitting Tim Gleason knee-on-knee in November.
  4. Hogging three shoot-out attempts against the Slovaks.
  5. Avoiding the media, particularly the Americans in Vancouver.
    (Feel free to provide more in the comments below.)

If you’re able to discern a pattern here, you are wiser than I. Rather, I’d submit that the following: Michael Wilbon and other sports writers demonize Ovechkin and lionize Crosby because it is in their explicit interest to do so.

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