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Wednesday afternoon, Mike Green signed a three-year, $18 million contract with the Detroit Red Wings. After ten seasons in Washington, many of his teammates went to social media to say goodbye.

Among the first to voice tribute was Caps captain Alex Ovechkin. Selected in the first round of the same draft, Ovechkin has never played apart from Green.

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And we’re officially down another young gun.

Mike Green, one of the greatest defensemen in Caps history, is no longer a Cap. Bob McKenzie reports that Green has signed a 3-year, $18 million deal with the Detroit Red Wings with an average salary of $6 million. It’s basically the same contract as the one he signed with the Caps three years ago. According to Craig Custance, the deal also has a full no-trade clause.

Last summer, the Red Wings were rumored to have been trying to trade for Green. Now they have their man without giving up anything in return. Besides a lot of money, of course, although maybe not as much as some expected.

The Capitals released a statement minutes after news of Green’s departure broke.

“We want to thank Mike for 10 great seasons with the Washington Capitals,” the team wrote. “Mike was an ultimate professional in his long tenure with our organization and had a huge impact on our community. We wish Mike all the best with the Detroit Red Wings organization.”

We said our goodbyes last week, but if you would like to swim in your own salty tears again, watch our farewell video below.

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RMNB’s Farewell Video to Mike Green


Thursday afternoon, CSN Washington’s Chuck Gormley reported that Mike Green will be leaving the Washington Capitals as a free agent this summer. Most of us were wrecked by the news even though it’s been expected for weeks. Green, one of the franchise’s best defensemen, leaves behind a legacy of Awesome that may never be repeated in Washington.

Let’s revisit that legacy now in this video created by our very own Amanda Bowen.

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Photo: Alex Brandon

CSN Washington’s Chuck Gormley just broke the news that UFA’s Mike Green and Eric Fehr will be leaving the organization. Gormley spoke to Craig Oster, who represents both players.

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All the Juicy News About Caps Free Agents


Baby, come back!

ESPN’s Craig Custance dropped a big old newsbomb on Caps free agency today, providing updates on the team’s plans for everyone from Braden Holtby (spoiler alert: good news!) to Mike Green (spoiler alert: also good news, depending on your perspective!).

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Mike Green: 2014-15 Season Review

Mike Green, who has hand tattoos, is a great hockey player. If you ask me– which in a way just by reading this article you sorta are– he’s a crucial piece of the Washington Capitals. So if this is Game Over for Green in DC, he will be dearly missed. If you don’t believe me about that, I’ve got 1400 words and a few megabytes of pictures that will change your mind.

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Photo credit: Susan Walsh

At age 23, defenseman Mike Green scored 31 goals. His 2008-2009 season was one of the most remarkable scoring performances by a blueliner of all-time. His bright blue Easton Stealth CNT was a lethal weapon. It was just the seventh time in league history a defenseman topped 30 goals. That last player to accomplish the feat, Kevin Hatcher, did it 26 years earlier.

The next year, Green’s goal total dropped by 12. He still easily lead all defensemen with 76 points. The Capitals cruised to the Presidents’ Trophy.

“He set the standard for offensive defensemen in the league,” Karl Alzner, Green’s longtime teammate, said of his 31-goal season. “That’s been the benchmark for a lot of guys. Guys are trying hard to get there, and no one’s been even close. ”

“I think he’ll be a guy that gets remembered in Washington forever,” Alzner added.

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Last week, Eric Fehr met the media to update them on the injury that has keep him out of the lineup for most of the playoffs. After two minutes of optimism and indirect answers, the scrum was finished. The day’s routine necessity had been completed. As the rest of the media shuffled away from Fehr’s locker, I made an offhand comment that the F-16 was getting ready for flight.

“There are some bad nicknames out there,” he told me. “Of all the nicknames to have, that’s a pretty cool one.”

I asked what he thought of his other nickname, Fehrsie.

“See, that’s the thing: I hate those nicknames,” he said. “Anybody with a last name with a –y on the end would probably be the worst one. Spelling it –ie doesn’t change anything. You need to be creative. As a group we’ve tried to be more creative with guys. We tried to change it up a little bit.”

Inadvertently, I had just stumbled on a massive scoop. Over the next 10 minutes, Fehr revealed the other hidden nicknames of the Capitals locker room. Some you might know– others you don’t.

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Eight minutes into the third period, the Washington Capitals clung to a 2-1 lead, buoyed by Andre Burakovsky’s two goals. After falling behind 1-0, the Caps rebounded and seemed in control.

Then, the nightmare scenario: Carl Hagelin raced in on a breakaway towards Braden Holtby after a Caps’ miscommunication in the neutral zone. Mike Green, realizing this could be a disaster, chose the two-minute minor hooking penalty over the layup goal. Green reached his stick out and tugged on Hagelin’s gut.

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Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

Alex Ovechkin has never made it past the second round of the playoffs. It’s a trite fact, but unavoidable. He’s been in the NHL since 2005, with his window as a primary goal-scorer closing. In 10 years, he has yet to win a Stanley Cup. Some core players around him, like Mike Green, are likely to leave this summer or within the next few years. This may be Ovechkin’s best chance to win a Cup as the undisputed leader of the Washington Capitals. Ovechkin seems to know that. In this year’s Division Final against the Rangers, DC’s captain has put on an astonishing display of talent and dedication, nearly winning games for the Capitals off his play alone. On Saturday, he came up short, but it was another immortal individual performance.

“He’s a force,” coach Barry Trotz said. “No question.”

Midway through the third period, Washington was down 3-1, having just given up a crushing goal to Rangers forward Derick Brassard. Just 90 seconds before Rangers fans were to begin their eight-minute mark “Ovi Sucks! Ovi Sucks! Ovi Sucks!” onslaught, Ovechkin bumbled down the ice with three Rangers on him. He knifed straight through Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh, New York’s top defenders, as the two hopelessly whacked at Ovi. Falling to his knees, he let off a perfectly placed wrist shot that went top shelf on Henrik Lundqvist. It was a goal that was nearly impossible to imagine another player in the NHL scoring. It was utter brilliance, under immense pressure, on a huge stage. Save for the cheers of Capitals players, MSG fell silent.

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