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Usually it’s some guy on the other team who scores his first NHL goal during Caps games. On Saturday afternoon it was Paul Carey, Hershey Bears call-up and veteran of 24 NHL games. Carey’s goal tied the game with six minutes remaining and wasn’t exactly what you’d call a “pure skill” goal from the guy in the Washington #28 jersey.

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The All-Star Game barely resembles hockey, except for the fact that Evgeny Kuznetsov is scoring. This one comes from an assist from Carolina’s Justin Faulk, who you might be surprised to learn is an All-Star.

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On Saturday, the Hockey Hall Of Fame got a whole lot gr8er as they announced on Twitter that Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has donated his 500 goal gloves to the Toronto museum. You’ll notice that the Bauer APX2 Pro gloves have Sergei Ovechkin’s name stitched on the thumb as well as two eyes. It’s a tribute to Alex’s older brother.

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Washington Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner has now played in 423 consecutive games, passing Bob Carpenter for the franchise’s all-time record. Hockey is arguably the most brutal of the top four American sports. Playing just a single 82-season without missing a game is an accomplishment. Alzner’s managed to string four of those together, plus a full 48-game season after the 2012 lockout, and he’s well on his way to doing it again this season again (knock on wood).

Alzner is a reliable and smart player. He uses good skating skills and stick positioning to be successful. And, for five years and counting, he’s been willing to sacrifice his body when the moment calls for it.

The Capitals honored Alzner with a video on the jumbotron during the first period.

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We just found out what was in that Brinks truck. The Washington Capitals presented Alex Ovechkin with a gold stick before Thursday’s game against the Canucks to celebrate his 500th goal.

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, president Dick Patrick, and general manager Brian MacLellan joined Ovechkin, Ovechkin’s parents Mikhail and Tatyana, and Ovechkin’s fiancé Nastya Shubskaya on the ice. The team began the ceremony by showing a video on the jumbotron with a litany of NHL legends congratulating Ovechkin on the feat. It was capped off by Wayne Gretzky. “You’ve brought a lot of joy to a lot of people around the world,” The Great One said.

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On Sunday, Alex Ovechkin scored his 500th career goal, becoming the 43rd player in NHL history to accomplish the feat. I said on Monday night after our 11th article relating to the goal, and I will say it again during our 12th: there were so many tiny, wonderful moments contained inside that one, we’re still sorting through them all.

Over the offseason, three-time Stanley Cup champion and man nicknamed Mr. Game Seven, Justin Williams, said that he signed with the Capitals because his son Jaxon thought Alex Ovechkin was “the best.”

While Williams didn’t assist on the tally, he was on the ice when Ovechkin scored. And just like he has been all throughout his career, Williams was calm under fire, remembering to pick up the milestone puck before joining in on the team’s celebration.

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Photo: Patrick McDermott

Alex Ovechkin’s 500th goal on Sunday was arguably one of the bigger moments in Washington sports history. And there were so many tiny, wonderful moments contained inside that one, we’re still sorting through them all.

Such as we learned that there is apparently no end to Braden Holtby‘s other-worldly talents. Not only is he currently 19-0-2 in his past 22 games, but he’s also an accomplished jumper. As Ovechkin scored, Holtby managed to jump (in all of his equipment) higher than the entire home bench, before racing onto the ice to celebrate the milestone goal with their captain.

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When Alex Ovechkin scored his 500th goal on Sunday, a few readers noticed that Ovechkin’s parents, Tatyana and Mikhail, were sitting in totally different areas of Verizon Center. A proud Tatyana, wearing a yellow coat, broke down in tears.

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Alex Ovechkin’s Milestone Goals to 500: Video Timeline


Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin scored his historic 500th NHL career goal on Sunday night. There are lots of tributes out there, but we wanted to do something short that captured the big milestones.

Set to Sasha Belyi’s Champion (yes, the same song Ovi rapped on), relive the simply sensational work of The Great 8.

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Alex Ovechkin Poses With Milestone 500 Goal Puck (Photos)


Photo: Capstragram

One inch thick, three inches wide, and 501 of them in the back of the net since Alex Ovechkin first laced up. The Caps shared the above photo of Ovechkin posing with his milestone 500th goal puck after his historic two-goal game against the Ottawa Senators.

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