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The world lost a legend this week. In addition to being a virtuoso musician, prolific songwriter, advocate for artist rights, and a generally funky dude, Prince was also a favorite son of Minnesota. Before the Wild were eliminated by the Stars 5-4 on Sunday afternoon, Xcel Energy honored the late great genius.

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Get Action: Caps Beat Wild 3-2

Wednesday night, we saw our best impression of the 2009 Capitals since Monday: don’t try for 40 minutes, score goals, and see what happens. With Adam Oates in the house, the Caps decided to suck some more, getting outside 9-2 at the midway point of the first period. It got worse. Mikko Koivu scored a power play marker with just 42 seconds left in the feckless frame. In the end, the Wild outshot the Caps 12-3. Shot attempts were 23-8 in Minnesota’s favor.


Later in the period, Nino Niederreiter took a machete to the Caps defense like it was a Top Gear special. Things looked bleak.

Sometime in the third, the Caps decided to try to win, which is something that can be pretty good at. Alex Ovechkin promptly tied the game with his fortieth goal of the season on the you know what from the you know where. He’s the Marco Rubio of goals.

Dmitry Orlov made some Euro softie moves and scored a goal that went in somehow, as if placed in the net by Oates’s divine hand. Caps beat Wild 3-2.

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Caps vs Wild Pregame: End the One-Game Losing Streak

Holtby and Holtbeast

The Caps are at risk of doing that thing. You know that thing. That one thing where they lose two games in a row in rego. They haven’t done that yet and they don’t want to do that ever.

Playing guest at Verizon Center tonight is the Minnesota Wild, a desperate team and one not to underestimate. But they do have a pretty bad penalty kill, and Ovechkin is sitting at the cusp of 40 goals, so.

Time to do work. 7 PM on CSN.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 44-11-4 51.8% 102.0 22.9% (1st) 84.5% (4th)
Minnesota Wild 27-24-6 48.1% 100.8 18.3% (18th) 77.6% (27th)

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Ovi beats Wild 4-3


This baby will never forget this night.

I could say that the Washington Capitals defeated the Minnesota Wild, but that wouldn’t be totally cromulent. A better way to put it: Alex Ovechkin defeated the Minnesota Wild. (Braden Holtby helped.)

Ovi scored, then Ovi scored, then someone else scored, then Ovi scored again. One of those was a power-play goal. Then Ryan Suter scored, and it was close all of a sudden, but it’s the Caps so they won. Chim-dawg got an empty netter and some Minny dude got a late goal, whatevs.

Caps beat Wild 4-3! Five wins in a row!

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Caps at Wild Pregame: These Are the Days



Hello, St Paul. The NHL’s best team is in town and they’re delighted to be here. Thanks for having them, now please be prepared to lose. Again.

The Wild are 1-7-2 in their last ten games and have lost 6 straight. As a Caps fan, you may be unfamiliar with the number in the loss column being bigger than the number in the win column. Basically, what it means is that the Wild have lost in regulation seven times in the last 10 games. The Caps have lost in regulation nine times all season.

Breathe it in, everyone. Soak it in and enjoy this. Remember how Andy Bernard said he wished that there was a way to realize that he was in the good old days before he left them? This 2015-16 season will be looked back upon as the good old days. Enjoy them. As Ben said #TheseAreTheDays

The game is at 8pm on CSN-plus.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 39-9-4 52.2% 102.1 24.4% 84.0%
Minnesota Wild 23-20-10 48.2% 100.5 17.8% 78.1%

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The Russians’ Revenge: Caps beat Wild 3-2


Tommy Drama.

It took a while to get going, but the Capitals played a good road game against a good opponent to earn two huge points on Thursday night. It was game that, like so many others, serves to remind us how valuable Alex Ovechin is to this team. You might even say he’s the Most Valuable.

We waited with baited breath until past the halfway mark, when Zach Parise roughed up Tom Wilson and Wilson got a B.S. embellishment call. Alex Ovechkin responded with his 46th of the season, followed by Evgeny Kuznetsov’s snatch-and-score just 40 seconds later. Christian Folin extracted revenge right before the second intermission with a rush goal.

Ovechkin scored number 47 in the third period, which was amazing, and Jared Spurgeon hit a stand-up double on a late-game power play. Braden Holtby fended off a wild (get it?) attack in the final minute to win the game.

Caps beat Wild 3-2! The first time ever in Xcel!

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Caps at Wild Pregame: Are You Coming to the Party?

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.16.33 PM

Hello. Let’s do hockey.

Tonight in Minny the Caps take on the Wild. I don’t like singular collective nouns for sports teams. What do you call a member of the Wild (aside from “member of the Wild”)? They’re not “a Wild.” They’re not “a Wildling.” Same deal with the Lightning. I guess each one of those guys is “a Bolt” at least.

Those team names are stupid. Therefore the Capitals should beat them tonight.

8 PM, CSN, crash net.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 38-23-10 51.3% 100.4 25.7% 81.1%
Minnesota Wild 39-24-7 51.6%  99.8 14.9% 86.9%

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No-vechkin, No Points: Wild beat Caps 2-1


Not bad for a snow day! Bravo, fans.

The Caps lacked Alex Ovechkin for their Thursday night battle with the Minnesota Wild. In a curious coincidence they also lacked offense. It was a punishingly tight game, but the Wild eked out an edge late and now leave our snowy town with two points in hand, leaving none for our Caps.

During a first period power play, Curtis Glencross filled the net with a puck and our tummies with a free roast beef sandwich. From then on– nothing until the Wild scrambled the net for the tying goal. With five minutes left, Mike Green got overconfident in the breakout and surrendered the puck to Pominville, who scored again, darn it.

Meanwhile, Marcus Johansson rang the post twice. Shucks

Wild beat Caps 2-1.

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Caps vs Wild Pregame: Snow-vechkin? No-vechkin?


The view from Capitol Hill (Photo: Kevin Ford)

The National Weather Service determines a blizzard based on high wind speed, not snowfall. Everyone else knows we’re currently experiencing a blizzard here on the east coast. But as far as we know, the Washington Capitals are still on for tonight’s game against the Minnesota Wild.

If you’re going, bring a tauntaun and a rugby team. 7 PM, CSN, I guess.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 35-20-10 51.6% 100.4 23.9% 81.1%
Minnesota Wild 34-22-7 52.8% 99.0 15.2% 87.0%

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Wild beat Caps 5-3 in Braden Holtby’s Crummy Comeback

Ovi and Cookie - Bruce Kluckhohn

Ovechkin and Cookie get stupid. (Photo: Bruce Kluckhohn)

You could say the Caps have been struggling. Their puck possession has disintegrated over the last couple weeks and they haven’t been able to make up the difference with special teams, shot quality, or lucky goaltending. Heading into Minnesota, where no one wants the puck, you’d think the Caps would start the turnaround. But shot quality is a fickle fairy, and tonight she spread her lucky dust on the sticks of the Wild.

Marcus Johansson cleaned up a rebound to convert a first-period power play. Thirteen seconds later, Mike Green put some messed-up moves on Matt Cooke to make it 2-0 on the very next shot, just 13 seconds later. It was fun.

Nino Niederreiter scored on the Wild’s second shot of the game, early in the second period as no one in particular played defense. With Steve Oleksy and Karl Alzner serving time in the box, the Wild’s Ryan Suter struck twice– both times with Dany Heatley screening Braden Holtby. I’m not even gonna try to explain the tying goal, which Mike Green got credit for, so just read our story on that one. The Wild got the lead back with a bouncing puck finished off by Jason Zucker.

And then Ryan Suter got the hat trick after serving a tripping minor in the third period.

Wild beat Caps 5-3.

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