In sad but true news, the following hashtag trended in Washington D.C. on Twitter: #WinterClasic. Yes, pound sign Winter (spelled right) Clasic (missing one s).

I know what you’re thinking: C’mon, Ian. There’s no way thousands upon thousands of people made the same mistake.

So let me show you some of my favorite tweets. The list includes some pretty famous people.

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The Washington Capitals misspelled Mikhail Grabovski‘s jersey nameplate a couple times last season (1, 2). It was funny, but not a big deal. With players from countries that use the Cyrillic alphabet, I and Y endings are interchangeable when translated into English. Each player chooses how he’d like it to be translated.

The Caps’ mistake was innocent, but it turns out it wasn’t limited to Grabovski’s jersey. RMNB reader Jacob explains.

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Photo credit: @dcsportsbog

Playing the Carolina Hurricanes on December 3rd, Washington Capitals center Mikhail Grabovski stepped out on the Verizon Center ice for warm-ups wearing a nameplate with his name spelled wrong. Instead of the i, Grabo’s last name was spelled with a y.

When Grabovsky came back for the first period, his jersey was correct. Since the i and the y in the Cyrillic alphabet are interchangeable, we had a giggle and moved on.

But now it’s back. Grabovski’s y jersey returned in Minnesota.

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