Photos via Moscow on the Potomac

I’m a 26-year old male without a mortgage, so my only life goal right now is to save cash like a squirrel hoards nuts. And every month, I fail. Looking at my growing stash of gadgets, jerseys, and random Capitals memorabilia, my family and friends just sigh. Somewhere deep inside I know I don’t need any of this stuff. But dude, I just can’t help it.

Last week the Caps’ new official Tumblr, Capitals Overtime, furthered my spending woes with another product I don’t need but must have: Washington Capitals Matryoshka dolls. The dolls feature Ovi, Backy, Sasha Minor, Greenie and good ol’ Kanoobs, and are beautifully hand-painted by Moscow on the Potomac. They are available for $39, and you can purchase them here.

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