A Photo Timeline of Alex Ovechkin’s Movember Mustache


For the National Hockey League, November means no shaving. And for most hair-fertile Capitals (sorry, Michael Latta) that meant looking greasy and weird for at least twenty days to raise money for men’s health. The player who maybe had both the best and worst looking mustache was hands down Alex Ovechkin.

The well-marketed Ovi, who had a clause written into his Gilette contract to allow participation in the charity movement two years ago, went from handsome superstar to Charles Manson look-a-like in November. And somewhere in the middle, he looked like a derp-y hipster, which I’m sure his boy Michael Phelps would be proud of.

Join us as we watch the furry Russian caterpillar burst into full bloom. Warning: by the end, you might feel compelled to hand over your license and registration to Alex Ovechkin.

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When we heard a superhero foundation was holding a fundraiser in D.C. featuring Caps players Karl Alzner, Troy Brouwer, and John Carlson, we put our best subject-matter expert on the case. Here’s a report from RMNB Senior Spandexed Superhero Correspondent Brouwer Ranger Nathan on “Heroes Rock the Red.”

Spirits seem to be rebounding among Caps fans following back-to-back victories against the Chicago Blackhawks and the Carolina Hurricanes this weekend. A handful of them came out to celebrate the nascent winning streak with Caps players and a bunch of superheroes while raising money for Foundation 4 Heroes (F4H).

Brouwer and Carlzner signed autographs, took photos with fans, and tended bar at City Tap House DC to raise money for the F4H, which takes a unique approach to supporting kids with life-threatening diseases. The non-profit sends superheroes like Captain America and Wonder Woman to visit kids and encourage them to find the superhero inside themselves.

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GIF by welshhockeyfan

The Washington Capitals organization loves bobbleheads. They’ve given out countless resin statues in recent years. At blood drives, at home games, or as part of the team’s Kids Club: tons tiny, oddly proportioned Caps players have made their way into fans’ homes.

Tonight we add another to that family: mustached George Parros Troy Brouwer.

Troy’s handlebar look is because of Movember. Many Caps — most notably Karl Alzner and Alex Ovechkin — are growing ‘staches this month to raise money and awareness for cancer research and mental health.

So the Brouw bobblehead– the Brouwblehead– is particularly awesome– even though it looks more like Super Mario than #20.

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Photo credit: @BrouwerRangers

Several Washington Capitals players are participating in Movember, a month-long facial hair fundraiser for prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health. For the next however-many-days-are-in-November-I-can’t-remember-the-rhyme, the Caps will be growing lip shrubbery for a good cause.

The Caps are doing their part to raise awareness. At the November 5th game against the New York Islanders, the Caps will be giving away Troy Brouwer Bobbleheads. (Also, Alex Ovehckin is expected to return, so maybe buy tickets?)


P.S. Why not get involved in Movember? You can donate to someone’s campaign– such as friend-of-the-blog Nick Frye!

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“If your beard won’t grow, you resort to other means. #Movember #Gunter” Translated by Jacob Ware.

Growing a manly mustache can be difficult if you’re an 18-year-old Swede. You’re not even through with the throes of puberty, and you’ve probably got blonde hair. Take it from a guy with experience: fair hair impressive manstache.

Washington Capitals first round pick Filip Forsberg and his best bud Jacob De La Rose are painfully aware of their facial hair shortcomings, so here’s their workaround for Movember. It involves felt!

Next time, take Nick Offerman’s advice and eat a raw onion instead:

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Tomas Kundratek

Photo credit: Kyle Mace of Sweetest Hockey On Earth

November 1st marks the first day of Movember, an event where men across the globe grow mustaches to raise money to fight prostate cancer. Hockey players have been among the most avid supporters of the charity, raising thousands for research and awareness.

Almost the entire Hershey Bears team is participating this year, and some players are trying to one up each other. After Boyd Kane’s wife offered a signed team photo for any person donating $25 or more, Caps prospect Tomas Kundratek responded with his own overture.

No signed jersey or stick. Too rote. Instead, Kundratek is offering to take the fan who donates the most money out to dinner at the finest establishment in Hershey: Houlihan’s! If you’re nice, he might let you order an appetizer.

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Catching Up With Former Capital Andrew Gordon

Photo credit: Kyle Mace

Andrew Gordon won two Calder Cups with the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears in four seasons.  He played nine games with Washington last season, scoring his first career NHL goal on future hall of famer Martin Brodeur, a feat he celebrated by kissing assister Marcus Johansson on the bench. But Andrew left the organization over the summer to hazard the free market. After a promising performance at Anaheim’s training camp, Gordon was added to the team’s roster (and then cheated on us in Finland with another blog).

I caught up with the notoriously well-spoken Andrew Gordon after the Ducks’ painful 5-4 overtime loss to the Capitals on Tuesday. We talked about California weather, competing against his former teammates, and the enduring adoration of Washington’s fans.

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Alzner, Schultz & Hendricks at British Embassy ‘Stache Bash

Karl Alzner poses with teammates Jeff Schultz and Matt Hendricks

The estimable Chris Gordon of CapsSnaps.com (@Caps_Snaps) tells us all about the limey culmination of Movember at the British Embassy, attended by three of our favorite lip-adorned Capitals. Take it away, Chris.

It was clear the evening was going to be different when Jeff Schultz and Matt Hendricks showed up at the British Embassy dressed as policemen. Schultz had been combing the Internet looking for prominent mustachioed actors to dress up as: Burt Reynolds or maybe Tom Selleck from Magnum, P.I.

With the Caps on the road, he ran out of time. So MacKenzie Kelley, Schultz’s girlfriend, did the next best thing and bought police uniforms at a costume store.

Getting in the spirit of the event, Dominick Chilcott, the deputy head of the British Embassy, thanked the Caps for showing up as “The Village People.”

The occasion was a mustache-growing contest among the British, New Zealand and Australian embassies for Movember. Hockey is hardly a big sport in Britain, but the Caps met the crucial test to attend: they had mustaches.

Karl Alzner, the third Cap at the “Stache Bash”, did not wear a costume, but he did burnish his image. He confessed that his mustache had come in a little blond and had been dyed.

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The Machinist: December 03, 2010

Let’s turn our world-weary eyes back to the week that found us emerging from tryptophan hangovers and beginning the festival of lights.

Can’t-miss: Point your browser over to our other selves at Sweetest Hockey on Earth, where Ian interviews Andrew Gordon, and many yucks are shared.

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