Olivia Newton-John stars in Score: A Hockey Musical (Getty Images: Lisa Maree Williams).

Mike Fleming of Deadline reports that the Toronto International Film Festival will debut a new movie musical.  If that were the whole story, only RMNB Gleeks Neil and Peter would care.  But this is a special musical– a hockey musical.


Score: A Hockey Musical captures key elements of Canadian identity – our passion for our national pastime, our unique musical style and our special brand of humour,” says Piers Handling, Director and CEO of TIFF.


In the film, seventeen-year old Farley has led a sheltered life. Much to the dismay of his parents (Newton-John, Jordan), Farley loves to play shinny with the local rink rats. To their even greater dismay, Farley is signed to a hockey league, where he achieves instant stardom, throwing him into a world of hype. Farley soon finds that hockey fame comes with a price.

All that and Barenaked Ladies.  Only time will tell if Score will reach the pantheon of hockey cinema populated by Slapshot, Miracle, the holy Ducks trilogy– or if it’ll be relegated to the dollar bin with The Cutting Edge (flamebait for commenters).  Either way, it’s a movie for Canadians about good-looking kids playing hockey, singing songs, and reaching for the stars– it’s going to be a slam dunk for some people.

I’d be astonished if the movie doesn’t include a cameo or two from some hockey notables.   Mario, 99, Sidney Crosby– maybe all three?  The only safe assumption is that Mike Green wasn’t asked to appear.

Here’s the trailer! (Hat tip to The Score)

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