A Photo Timeline of Alex Ovechkin’s Movember Mustache


For the National Hockey League, November means no shaving. And for most hair-fertile Capitals (sorry, Michael Latta) that meant looking greasy and weird for at least twenty days to raise money for men’s health. The player who maybe had both the best and worst looking mustache was hands down Alex Ovechkin.

The well-marketed Ovi, who had a clause written into his Gilette contract to allow participation in the charity movement two years ago, went from handsome superstar to Charles Manson look-a-like in November. And somewhere in the middle, he looked like a derp-y hipster, which I’m sure his boy Michael Phelps would be proud of.

Join us as we watch the furry Russian caterpillar burst into full bloom. Warning: by the end, you might feel compelled to hand over your license and registration to Alex Ovechkin.

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Photo credit: @BrouwerRangers

Several Washington Capitals players are participating in Movember, a month-long facial hair fundraiser for prostate and testicular cancers as well as mental health. For the next however-many-days-are-in-November-I-can’t-remember-the-rhyme, the Caps will be growing lip shrubbery for a good cause.

The Caps are doing their part to raise awareness. At the November 5th game against the New York Islanders, the Caps will be giving away Troy Brouwer Bobbleheads. (Also, Alex Ovehckin is expected to return, so maybe buy tickets?)


P.S. Why not get involved in Movember? You can donate to someone’s campaign– such as friend-of-the-blog Nick Frye!

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This is what Alex Ovechkin will look like with a mustache

Imagine Ovi with a ‘stache. (Photo illustration by Ian Oland)

In folicular endorsement news, Sport Business Daily is reporting that Alex Ovechkin and Gillette have agreed on a two-year extension, which will keep the Russian machine’s face as smooth as a baby’s behind through the Sochi Winter Olympics. Ovi will continue to serve as a global ambassador and make awesome commercials for the world famous brand too.

The most interesting part of the new agreement, however, is in the details. While many Capitals players grow mustaches in November to raise money for men’s health, Ovechkin is contractually prohibited from doing so. Well, not anymore!

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