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Way back in September of 2011, Alex Ovechkin was in New York City for a preseason press junket with a bunch of other NHL stars. I’m sure you remember the event: Ovi wore a Nike t-shirt (an unsightly one at that) to what was basically a Versace event.

Ovechkin was still given the royal treatment anyway, landing free tickets to the US Open. Ovechkin had never been to a tennis match, but something deep inside Ovi’s considerable core must have told him he should go.

“Destiny,” Ovechkin later said of that very important decision to Sports Illustrated’s Sarah Kwak. “I believe in destiny.”

Kwak explains what happened next in her feature for SI.

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Ovechkin also tweeted out this photo, saying,”Thats my prize for Olympic games…we going back to Moscow. We gonna have a gr8 time there!!!hhaahah!!bronzeeeee”

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After falling just short of a medal in the Women’s Tennis Singles competition, Alex Ovechkin’s girlfriend Maria Kirilenko won an Olympic Bronze Medal today in doubles together with fellow Russian Nadia Petrova.

Kirilenko/Petrova, who previously lost to the Williams sisters in the doubles semifinals on Saturday, beat the top-seeded American pair Lisa Raymond and Liezel Huber. The Americans won the first set, 6-4, but couldn’t seal the victory, losing 4-6 and 1-6 in the next few sets. In the third, Huber visibly struggled, suffering from pain in her left hip.

Alex Ovechkin, sitting in the VIP lounge of the main Wimbledon court, went wild when Kirilenko/Petrova clinched, screaming, waving, and even taking photos from his seat. A few minutes after the victory, Ovechkin tweeted out,”we take [the medal] to Moscow and make party!!”

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Alex Ovechkin Breaks Standing No-Jagr Rule

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Alex Ovechkin is no stranger to the Olympic games, but this summer in London he’s just along for the ride. He’s been watching his girlfriend Maria Kirlienko compete in tennis for Russia and soaking in the special atmosphere of the Olympics, watching events, meeting new people, forming new friensh —

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