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Wednesday night was supposed to be the Pittsburgh Penguins’ first visit to Verizon Center this season. Because of the NHL lockout, we won’t get to see Matt Cooke trolling or Sidney Crosby caterwauling plaintively at the refs. We’ll just have to settle for candy instead.

Hating Pittsburgh sports is coded into my DNA. I’m physically sick over this. Gary Bettman is depriving me of my regular Sidney Crosby hate, and now I am indescribably sad.

To cheer myself up, I have compiled these GIFs from the Alex Ovechkin “Sorry, Penguin” commercial. And now I share them with you. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll wave $15 goodbye.

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Photo: Siri Doesn’t Understand the NHL Lockout

With Hurricane Sandy fast approaching, Clyde Caplan of the indispensable photo site Clydeorama had a simple question for Siri: how bad is this frigging hurricane going to be? Instead of linking to The Weather Channel or providing a list of school closings, Siri reminded Clyde that the Hurricanes/Rangers game was cancelled. Awkward.

Everybody stay safe as the frankenstorm passes through.

Thanks, @clydeorama

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