Alex Ovechkin’s Favorite Color Is Blue

The guy’s a natural.

In “oh my God, end the fucking lockout already” news, Nike just released a video promoting their new holiday sportswear. The two-minute clip features Alex Ovechkin (looking more like JAWS from Bond than ever before) modeling super-tight Nike gear and answering personal questions.

Everything goes gr8 until Ovechkin starts blabbering on about his favorite color. Blue.

BLUE?! No, no, no, no Ovi. Red is your favorite color. It’s not Rock The Blue: it’s Rock The Red. Everyday that passes, I get more and more scared that Putin Dynamo Moscow fans have created some kind of brain-washing device to keep Ovechkin and Backstrom for themselves when the lockout ends. But that’s just silly. Hahahaha. [looks scared] …Right? Ugh.

Below the jump, check out the video, and Ovechkin’s full transcript, lovingly translated by RMNB’s Igor Kleyner.

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A Timeline of Alex Ovechkin’s Summer

A photo essay.

The Capitals booting from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in early May once again got the summer off to a premature start for the boys in red and their fearless leader. After all, peak season hadn’t even begun on the Vineyard and the lakes remained chilly in the White Mountains. But we RMNB chose not to focus on these grave hardships. No, instead we’re going to fire up the Google Machine and take a look back at Ovi’s summer, which spanned a mere 121 days. Alexander embarked on many adventures including a little shirtless soccer (and what summer is complete without that), a scandal involving his midsection that had “gate” on the end for some ridiculous reason, and commercials for Canadian candy bars, which are like regular candy bars except Canadian.

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