Caps Beat Pens 5-4! Ovie Hat Trick! 14 Wins in a Row!

Alex Ovechkin Gets Hat Trick Against Penguins

Caps Exuberant in 5-4 Comeback Win Over Pens  (Photos by: by Mitchell Layton/NHLI via Getty Images)

Caps Exuberant in 5-4 Comeback Win Over Pens (Photos by: by Mitchell Layton/NHLI via Getty Images)

How lucky for the NHL that this meetup betweens the Caps and Pens was nationally televised on one of the biggest TV days of the year! Unfortunately this game was broadcast by NBC Sports, an organization with an anti-Washington bias so strong it makes Fox News look like Obama Girl.

Today’s game was prefaced by some overblown stories about the Penguins hazarding a 9-hour trek from Montreal to D.C., crossing Redhorn pass and the mines of Moria in the process. Meanwhile, the Capitals had to dig out their SUVs (okay, Schultz probably drives a Windstar) and chop downed trees to make it to Chinatown. With the record-breaking winning streak on the line, Old Man Winter looking over the region, and the best rivarly in pro hockey matching up, today’s game had damn well better be epic.

For the first thirty minutes, I was thinking that epic-ness might be in way of the ending to The Wild Bunch. The Pittsburgh Penguins, aided by their sidekick referees, railroaded the Caps to a 4-1 lead. Sidney Crosby took the goal-scoring lead with two early goals, and then Jordan Staaaaaaaaaal added two more tallies. The home team was getting outplayed in the corners and couldn’t seem to cross the blue line effectively. This could have been a disasterous ending to the streak.

And then Alex Oveckin happened. I think someone must have told him about the praise NBC was heaping onto Sidney Crosby, because he looked determined as hell for the last half of hockey. Combining a pillowcase full of hits and an exceptional offensive showing, Ovechkin was a force of nature that puts #SnowtoriousBIG to shame. Single-handedly ensuring overtime, Ovechkin proceeded to set up Mike Knuble for the overtime game-winner. Just like that, the Washington Caps did the impossible: Caps beat Pens 5-4.

Think of these bullets as  snowballs:

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