This Guy Wants to Suspend Ovechkin for Palming a Camera

Edward Fraser (left) of The Hockey News, apparently not a GR8 fan

Edward Fraser (left) of The Hockey News. Not a GR8 fan.

In a blog post for The Hockey News, Edward Fraser lays into Alexander Oveckin, following his recent incident with some dude with a camera:

. . . it’s [a] very disturbing turn to apparently physically assault an onlooker, no matter whether the camera-person was a fan or member of the media and no matter how he was provoked.

Fascinating stuff.  You see, if an organization like RMNB (hi, Mom!) says something as asinine as, “clearly he’s become beaten down by the burden of being a superstar,” you can be sure that we’re blowing smoke up your hiney.  But The Hockey News is supposed to be a respected journalistic institution.  Maybe we should just give the guy with the perm and ugly necktie over there the same measure of empathy that the creepy person with the camera did not afford A.O.

What do you think of Ovechkin’s alleged simple assault, Edward Fraser’s screed, and RMNB’s lack of journalistic integrity?  Please share below.

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