Thursday night at Pepsi Center, the Colorado Avalanche honored Peter Forsberg for his recent induction to the Hall of Fame. At the 8-minute mark, CSN Washington came back from break to capture the entire Caps bench rising to its feet and slapping their sticks against the boards in an awesome salute.

Forsberg was joined by Nicole Nordin, their young son Lennox, and daughter Lily in the luxury suites.

Such a great moment.

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Peter Forsberg’s “Let Europe Watch” Campaign

[Ed. note: NSFW: language]

The NHL was never more popular in Europe than in the fall of 2011. The NHL launched their official European language site and GameCenter Live was made available for international viewers, but the bigger news was the havoc regarding NHL TV rights in Europe– from UK to Russia.

It was the perfect time for the Swedish betting company Oddset to launch their “Let Europe Watch” campaign, whose mission is to make NHL weekend games watchable for European countries. The spokesman for the movement? NHL legend Peter Forsberg.

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Kuznetsov and his teammates celebrate his hat-trick. (Photo credit: Mike Sturk)

19-year-old Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov had 0 points heading into Russia’s third World Junior Championship game. On Monday, he was shutdown in Russia’s 3-0 victory over Switzerland. On Wednesday, a frustrated Kuznetsov still could not land on the scoresheet despite rifling nine shots on goal against the Slovaks.

Enter Latvia. After not registering a point in the game’s first 27 minutes, Kuznetsov exploded, tallying an insane nine points over the next 33 minutes pushing Russia to a 14-0 victory.

You can check out video of his big night below the jump.

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