After the Capitals’ 4-2 loss to the Red Wings Wednesday, Pierre McGuire spoke to Detroit head coach Mike Babcock during NBCSN’s post-game show. There was one response from the Stanley Cup-winning bench boss that was particularly interesting to me. Babcock was asked about his long history with Barry Trotz in the Western Conference and if that gave him any insight into the game.

Babcock, considered to be one of the best coaches in the league, instead went out of his way to praise how good of a coach he thinks Trotz is.

He also briefly gushed about Andre Burakovsky, once Pierre told him what his name was.

This seemed really genuine to me, so I had to share.

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Tonight, the Washington Capitals are on national TV and you know what that means: everybody’s favorite bald commentator is inside the glass! At the beginning of the telecast, Pierre McGuire, the Emmy award winning analyst, talked about the Caps new defensive additions during the offseason: Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen.

Except, that’s not exactly what he said.

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Selfies With Pierre McGuire Are The Best Selfies


Nice beard. (Photo: @n_menz8)

When Ellen DeGeneres took a bunch of selfies with stars during the Oscars, it seemed like an organic thing (it wasn’t). The event put selfies on a national stage. Since then, they’ve gone from something teh kids and Mark Ruffalo do– to something your parents do to be cool and oh my gawd mom like I can’t believe you just did that. Some companies have exploited the technique for self-promotion. (Samsung, I’m wagging my finger here. Billy Bush.. just.. no.)

So can we take the selfie back and make it cool again? Some hockey fans have taken the first step by taking selfies with that paragon of cool, Pierre McGuire, during the playoffs.

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Joel Ward Interview-Bombs Pierre McGuire (Video)


If the Washington Capitals were uptight before their game against hated rival Pittsburgh tonight, you wouldn’t know it watching NBCSN’s pre-game show. As everyone’s favorite sideline reporter Pierre McGuire interviews Karl Alzner, forward Joel Ward finds the camera and stares. And then stares some more.

That was 30 seconds of TV gold. Wardo, you rule.

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In the first period, Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward had an Esa Tikkanen-esque miss on a yawning net. After Alex Ovechkin hit Nicklas Backstrom with a beautiful cross-ice pass on a Caps power play, Backstrom fed a wide-open Ward, looking for a tic-tac-toe goal. Ward, seeing that he had to roof the puck over an out-stretched Henrik Lundqvist pad, carefully gathered in the puck on the blade of his stick and shot. Then he whiffed.

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Hey, Pierre, Who Is Corey Carrick?

Washington Capitals 2012 fifth-round pick Connor Carrick made his NHL debut tonight in his hometown of Chicago. And on National TV, Pierre McGuire showed him the respect and dignity he deserves. By getting his name wrong.

Ugh, Pierre. C’mon.

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Pierre McGuire Was at Kettler Last Week, Did Not Ruin It


RMNB readers Jessie M. and Kate H. were at Kettler Capitals Iceplex for Team USA’s Olympic orientation camp last week. Waiting around the rink to get autographs and photos with America’s best NHL players, they didn’t get a chance to meet Zach Parise, but they did take photos with Pierre McGuire.

So there’s that.

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What is Pierre McGuire Doing? (GIF)

The play happens at the 38-second mark.

During Friday’s series-sweeping Boston win over the Pittsburgh Penguins, Brad Marchand did his thing. But I’m not here to chronicle another Louganisian dive or a infuriating cheap shot, instead I want to take a look at what happened when he tried to steal Sidney Crosby‘s stick during a line-change.

As Crosby dumps the puck into the Bruins zone, Marchand, loading up to make a big hit, instead softly shoves the Penguins captain in the left shoulder. Crosby skates away, but Marchand isn’t finished chatting. He grabs Crosby’s stick and refuses to let go.

Marchand is a toddler, sure, but the interesting part is Pierre McGuire and his reaction. Pierre, with a look of concern, raises his right hand twice and then, after flinching backwards from the players, lunges forward, and smiles. It’s creepy.

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Erat lies on the ice after colliding with Ovechkin and Stepan. (Photo credit: Bruce Bennett)

The Washington Capitals power play was very good this season; they scored a lot of goals on it. In the first period of game 4 on Thursday Night, though, it was very bad — so bad that the Rangers had more shorthanded chances than the Caps had shots on goal. One of those opportunities for New York was rather disastrous for Washington.

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That Time Pierre McGuire Was Wrong About Everything

Andre Ringuette

Photo credit: Andre Ringuette

Lots of smart and informed people have been dead wrong about Alex Ovechkin this year. Also wrong: Pierre McGuire, who I guess is smart and informed, but the jury is out on if he qualifies as human. Regardless, way back in January when Ovechkin was trying his first stint on the right wing, McGuire gave an interview to an Ottawa radio station where he delivered a litany of Wrong Things He Should Be Embarrassed About Now (if his species is even capable of embarrassment).

I wonder if anyone transcribed this interview. WAIT. THAT’S DAN STEINBERG’S MUSIC.

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