Photo: @subbanator

The Montreal Canadiens’ PK Subban just took a selfie during the Skills Competition. I see Patrice Bergeron, Kris Letang, Cory Schneider, Sophia Jurksztowicz playing with her hair, and… hey, wait a second!

We’re going to need to enhance the right-hand corner of the photo.

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Photo: @Steve_Dangle

Much like the New Horizons spacecraft, one of our RMNB t-shirts recently traveled to a whole new world thanks to super famous Leafs blogger/Sportsnet contributor Steve Dangle.

See if you can spot it.

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Brooks Laich Hits PK Subban in the Junk (GIF)


During a first-period power play, Brooks Laich battled with PK Subban for position in front of the Habs net. These types of little skirmishes happen all the time in hockey, but I’m writing today because Laich’s confrontation with Subban got particularly gruesome.

At one point, to clear Laich from the crease, Subban punched the Capital in the chest and knocked him over. Later, Laich got Subban back by pitchforking him in a sensitive spot. As Subban skated away, Laich performed an unscheduled inspection on Subban’s protective gear. Nutcracker.

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Photo credit: Alex Brandon

Troy Brouwer has struggled this year. Despite his five tallies he has posted team-worst possession numbers along with linemate Brooks Laich. The 28-year-old has scored just one goal at even-strength. Friday night, Brouwer tried to contribute in other ways. Namely, punching people in the face.

It started when Brouwer ran Montreal Canadiens defenseman Andrei Markov in the near corner. Though the hit was clean, T-Brow skated a long way to make the check. Flashy defenseman P.K. Stubban, apparently, didn’t like that. The goal-scoring d-man shoved Brouwer before asking him to drop the gloves. Troy obliged.

“I just came in and finished my check,” Brouwer told me. “He wasn’t happy with it.”

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Montreal Canadiens Pregame: “Wake Up And Live!”

By this point you know the drill: Doug. Puck Buddys. @PuckBuddys. Read their Zach story; it’s incredible.

The Pre-Game:

“If you get down and quarrel everyday, you’re saying prayers to the devil, I say.” –  Bob Marley, 1977.

The Caps, I sense (with my wee fey antennae) are quarreling with themselves. And it’s not good.

Last season we saw a command from on high to shift the squad to a different balance of offense/defense play on ice, and the turmoil that resulted. That was Bruce. This is Dale. And now one begins to sense a new struggle to shift the team’s fight/play ratio. A struggle I again – one of the PuckBuddys who anticipated this Friday’s FBI Freakout with Anonymous, but we’re not bringing that up – fear is not going to go well. (#AnonOps knows to kiss our ass; we dare you to mess with the Russian hockey mafia.) (haha Ian, good luck!)

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