Good morning, RMNBers! It’s hockey season at last!

After a million long months, approximately, the Capitals are back in action. They’ll host the Montreal Canadiens tonight. Ian and I got together on Wednesday night to talk about our enthusiasm for the looming season, what players will determine the team’s fate, and just a little bit of baseball. Not too much, but the whole Orioles/Nationals divide is so fascinating among Caps fans.

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Ian and I got together on Monday night to talk about the draft, free agency, development camp. That was the plan at least. Instead, we talked about Transformers, Ninja Turtles, the sitcom Dinosaurs, #rmnbwedding, and our never-ending war for burrito supremacy.

Pull-quote: “Gluten is the Corsi of nutrition.”

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Happy Friday (and D-Day), everybody! Ian and I got together last night to catch up on all things hockey. That was the intention at least. Instead we talked a lot about burritos, Ian’s upcoming wedding, and the best stuff we got back from the RMNB survey yesterday.

On the actual hockey front, we share our– reserved– opinions about Trotz and Maclellan, possible trade bait on the Caps roster, who we like in the Cup Finals, and hockey things like that. We also perused your questions on the #DearRMNB hashtag, so thanks for all your tweets. Check it out!

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We’re back to take a look at the final couple weeks of the Washington Capitals’ regular season. Plus, Ian wants to tell you more than you ever wanted to know about wearing spandex, and I talk way too fast about Adam Oates and Alex Ovechkin.

Somewhere in there we also discuss the promo skills of the WWE’s Brock Lesnar, discuss different ways to fan out over hockey, and wrap up in time to watch the HIMYM finale (which was awesome, and I totally called it). It gets a little dour and rant-y at times, but I promise we finish on a happy note.

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I’m just gonna put this up front: Yes, Ian is still calling them the Warshington Capitals.

Here’s our second ever RMNB Podcast. Ian and I got together on a balmy Sunday night to talk about the excitement surrounding Evgeny Kuznetsov, the trade deadline, and the Caps’ chances of making the playoffs. Plus, somewhere in there, we tease some important RMNB news.

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Peter Talks Olympics and Playoffs on Balls Hogs Radio


Happy hump day, humans. I was on Ball Hogs Radio last night. I joined the dudes to revisit the mess that was Olympic hockey, talk about Ryan Miller and what moves GMPH would make, take a stab at the team’s chances to make the postseason, and a whole of other stuff that made me look like Oscar the Grouch. It was a lot of fun anyway.

Listen to Peter on Ball Hogs Radio!

Thanks to Adam and the guys for having me on!

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Peter Was on the Break the Ice Podcast for Like Two Hours


I was a guest on the well done Break the Ice podcast on Monday night. For darn near two hours, I talked with Demick about every topic under the sun: the hidden magic of Baltimore, the worst fans in the league, the wonderful women of Pittsburgh, the worst liquor in the world, the best and worst announcers in the country, Pauly D and the hidden downfall of the Caps, RMNB’s social media strategy with Pinterest, the HFStival, and more. We also talked about hockey for a moment or two.

If you need a hockey fix between this morning’s games, here’s a good way to fill the hours.


Thanks to Demick for having me on. Go ahead and give Break the Ice a follow and check em out.

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Ian and I got together on Tuesday night to talk about the Olympic mens “ice hockey” tournament (which starts at noon!), who gets credit for Alex Ovechkin’s evolution as a player, and Flappy Bird.

Plus: Ian pronounces words wrong.

This is our first stab at podcasting. If you like it, let us know or help spread the word. If you have any thoughts, let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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Peter on the Nerd Geek Dork Podcast


Last week I appeared (err… sounded?) on the Nerd Geek Dork podcast, an ongoing series dedicated to nerdery in all its forms. We talked about becoming a fan, all the lore surrounding the Stanley Cup, and how Mike Bossy actually sucks. Give it a listen, and check out other episodes (especially the one about Batman: The Animated Series).

Listen to Peter on the Nerd Geek Dork Podcast

P.S. – how awesome does my new microphone sound?

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Peter Talks Capitals, Bunheads on Up the Pucks Podcast


Peter (that’s me!) went on the Up the Pucks hockey/punk podcast to talk about the Washington Capitals, Danzig, and Bunheads. So, ya know, the usual. [NSFW: Salty language, mostly some F-bombs up front]

We spend a good deal of time talking about realignment as well as what’s in store for the Caps soon. There’s some pretty good tunes in there as well, so I heartily giving it a listen. Plus: you can hear Georgia the bulldog snoring the whole time.

This link to the podcast is big so you’ll click it and listen

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