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Secretary of State and kiteboarding enthusiast John Kerry will help see the Caps’ Olympic athletes off to Sochi on February 6th. Despite initially voting against it, the former Presidential candidate and congressman has decided to do the ceremonial puck drop before the game. Kerry, a decorated veteran, is also a big hockey fan. He famously broke his nose playing hockey a few days before the champion Bruins (minus one) were received  at the White House in 2012.

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Nicky Backstrom Weighs in on US Politics

Sorry, Nick. Unless you’re an NFL referee or Big Bird, you’re probably not getting any love this debate season.

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Will Politics Force USA Warriors Charity Game to Reschedule?

Craig Brownstein of PuckBuddys writes for Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Next Thursday evening, September 8, was going to find the PuckBuddys at Kettler (on assignment for RMNB!) covering the game between the USA Warriors Ice Hockey Team and the Lawmakers, made up of members of Congress and their staff.

We’ve been doing interviews this week with the Warriors’ coach and players, only to find out this morning that there may be a scheduling complication.

It seems nothing is easy in Washington anymore. The tiff between President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner that pushed the President’s Joint Session address on jobs to Thursday evening may affect the charity game. We’ll stay in contact with the Warrior front office and share developments as soon as we learn more.

The Warriors are an amazing group of guys, and we look forward to sharing their remarkable stories. The congressional team? Meh. You know who we’re rooting for.