Gr8est: The Caps Have Won the Presidents’ Trophy


Photo: Drew Hallowell

The Washington Capitals have won the Presidents’ Trophy. That’s the one you get when you get more regular-season standings points than any other team. The regular season still has two weeks left, but nobody can catch the Capitals at this point. The Caps will have have home ice during the entirety of the playoffs.

It’s totally bonkers.

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BREAKING: The Capitals Will Take the Presidents’ Trophy


For the first time in their franchise history, the Washington Capitals have earned the most points among all NHL teams in the regular season.  After their loss to the Colorado Avalanches tonight, the San Jose Sharks cannot catch the Capitals’ 114 (and counting) points.  We’ve been all over this one (here and here).

Is the Prez the first of many trophies heading to D.C. this year?

Biostatistician and devoutly “warped” Caps fan, Stevie K, is gifted with numbers in a way that I am not.  Whereas my girlfriend does not permit me to keep score at Scrabble, K has performed a statistical analysis to ascertain how soon, in a perfect situation, the Washington Capitals can secure the Presidents’ Trophy (hereafter “The Prez”) for the first time in the team’s history.

What follows is a peek into a disturbed mind, wherein the machinations of p-values and standard deviations are comprehended with ease.  Abandon all hope, ye who read on, of understanding what Stevie K now lays at your feet; let the numbers wash over you and ease you into a narcotic stupor.  Trip the light fantastic amidst a really big spreadsheet.   I promise to bold the important stuff that makes sense to normal human beings.

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POTUS Makes His B-ball Brackets, Caps Feel Unloved

While the Washington Capitals continue their fight for the Presidents’ Trophy, the President busies himself with making his brackets on ESPN’s SportsCenter show. Your boy Dan Steinberg and his Sports Bog provides typically exemplary coverage of the unveiling of the Presidential brackets (Barackets?).

Obviously, the President loves him some sports. We do, too. The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the most exciting sports events of the year, and we could never disparage the President for being into it. We just want our Caps to get a little love, too. Speaking of, have you signed the Facebook petition yet?

Tonight, the Washington Capitals play the Hurricanes.  Ovechkin’s still suspended, Varly’s in net, and I’ll be able to watch the whole thing live for once.  Last time the ‘Canes and Caps met was only one week ago, and that game implausibly went to overtime before D.C. pulled out the win.  Hopefully, tonight will be a secure win in only 60 minutes.

Can The Washington Capitals Win The Presidents Trophy This Year?

With only 12 games to go the Washington Capitals are within striking distance of another franchise first: The Presidents’ Trophy.

Along with the cash bonuses to the organization it ensures home ice advantage throughout the playoffs – a huge plus to a team with a 26-4-4 record at the Phone Booth and PK issues away.

It is a five horse race (Washington, Chicago, Phoenix, Vancouver and San Jose) and the Caps have the easiest road to the prize.

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